7 Mental Health Apps to help your everyday life

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By Adrianna Haris

Edited by: Amanda Fung | Featured Images: SARAH TAI FOR BURO MALAYSIA
7 Mental Health Apps to help your everyday life

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, a time to focus on your mental well-being and receive some much-needed support. Let’s face it, tackling life’s challenges on your own can be tough, but getting a little help can make a world of difference. Thankfully, there are some fantastic mental health apps out there to help you feel better and live a happier life. Here are seven of the best ones to check if you’re feeling low.


1. Calm

Sleep is fundamental when it comes to maintaining your mental health, and Calm excels in helping users improve their sleep hygiene to achieve a peaceful night’s rest. Known for its extensive library of Sleep Stories, relaxing music, and guided meditations, this app promises to create a bedtime routine that lulls you into a deep and restful slumber. Its Sleep Stories feature soothing narrations by well-known talents such as Harry Styles, Idris Elba, Rosé, and even the beloved painter Bob Ross.

Price: RM59.90/month | Free trial (seven days), then RM269.90/year (RM22.50/month)

Website | App Store | Google Play


2. Headspace

Headspace aims to reduce your mental anguish. It offers guided meditations, mindfulness exercises, and much more. The app’s user-friendly interface makes it accessible for newbies and seasoned meditators alike. Better yet,  structured programs are designed to fit into your busy lifestyle, allowing you to find moments of peace throughout your hectic day. You can also join Olympians, Kim Glass and Leon Taylor, on guided runs to strengthen your mind-body connection with mindful fitness.

Price: Free trial (seven days), then RM54.90/month | Free trial (fourteen days), then RM399.90/year (RM33.32/month)

Website | App Store | Google Play


3. BetterHelp

BetterHelp connects you with licensed therapists for online counselling sessions, allowing you to engage with them via text, call, or video chat. With the aim of easing depressive symptoms, this app makes things easier for those struggling to seek help by providing a safe and secure ‘therapy room’. Together with your therapist, you’ll work towards making positive changes in your life, accomplishing goals, and overcoming any issues.

Price: ranges from $60 to $90 per week (billed every four weeks)

Website | App Store | Google Play


4. Talkspace

Talkspace revolutionises therapy by making it accessible and affordable. Users can connect with licensed therapists from the comfort of their own homes, using text, audio, and video messages. It’s particularly beneficial for those who find traditional therapy settings intimidating or inconvenient. It has been shown to be as effective as face-to-face therapy, with a recent study revealing that 81% of participants felt the app is as effective or better than in-person therapy.

Price: ranges from $69 to $109 per week (billed monthly, quarterly, or biannually) 

Website | App Store | Google Play


5. Happify

Happify offers science-based activities and games to improve your emotional well-being. The app is grounded in positive psychology and cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) principles, both of which can help you develop skills to combat negative thoughts and build resilience. Its interactive and engaging mental wellness practices are easy to incorporate into your everyday life. You can even track your progress and visualise the tangible improvements in your mood and outlook over time.

Price: Free | RM59.90/month | RM549.90/year | RM1,999.90/lifetime

Website | App Store | Google Play


6. Moodfit

Moodfit is designed to help you understand what brings your mood up and down with personalised tools and insights. It includes features like daily mood tracking, gratitude journals, and goal-setting to combat negative thinking patterns. Moreover, it can help you stay focused on your mental health journey. Its data-driven approach allows you to identify your triggers so that you can address them proactively. 

Price: Free | RM44.90 | RM89.90 | RM177.90

Website | App Store | Google Play


7. MindShift CBT

MindShift CBT is tailored specifically to help you manage anxiety through CBT techniques. The app provides tools and resources to help you reframe negative thoughts and develop healthier coping mechanisms. Its clean and user-friendly design allows you to learn and practise CBT strategies easily and intuitively. With activities like writing thought journals, building fear ladders, and doing comfort zone challenges, it will hopefully empower you to ease your own mind. 

Price: Free

App Store | Google Play


If you need urgent mental help or are struggling with suicidal thoughts, please do not hesitate to contact any of the following hotlines:

Malaysian Mental Health Association: Contact +603 2780 6803

Talian KasihHotline: 15999 (24 hours) | WhatsApp +6019 261 5999

Women’s Aid Organisations (WAO): Hotline +603 3000 8858

Think I Need Aid (TINA): SMS/WhatsApp +6018 988 8058



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