7 Daily wellness habits to adopt for a healthier 2024

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By Redzhanna Jazmin

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7 Daily wellness habits to adopt for a healthier 2024

It’s out with the bad and in with the good—here are all the wellness rituals we’ll be practising this year (and beyond!).

New year, new resolutions—and almost none of them ever stick! We all want to get healthier, feel sprightlier, and live better, but it’s easier said than done. That’s why, we’re taking it slow and steady.

You see, rather than committing to running 10k a day or cutting out carbs in pursuit of better health, we’re focusing on the achievable and the sustainable. From sleeping more to moving more, find all the small routine changes we’ll be making in our lives for a healthier 2024 ahead:


Habit #1: Sleep well

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We’re manifesting: 2024 is the year that we kick sleep debt for good. As we enter the new year, it’s important to give our bodies a complete and total reset. You may have entered 2024 on a late-night countdown, but we’re here to encourage you to spend the rest of the year making sure you’re fully well-rested.

That means getting your full eight hours (seven, at the absolute least) of shut-eye a night, every night. Not only is a good night’s sleep crucial to help your body function properly, but it’s also key to keeping your skin looking sprightly and youthful!


Habit #2: Cut down on sugar

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A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down, but the obscene amounts we’ve all been conditioned to consume in our daily lives can cause more harm than it’s worth! Don’t get it confused, though—you don’t have to stop eating fruits or drinking milk just because sugar occurs naturally in them. We’re talking about simply cutting back on added sugars in your food and drink.

Why? In addition to the obvious weight management and oral health benefits, cutting back on sugar may also help to reduce breakouts and improve overall skin health. So, if you’re aiming for clearer skin in the year ahead, cutting back on the sweets is a good place to start!

Writer’s note: It takes a while to adjust to the cut, but once you’re through the worst, you’ll notice a huge difference in how you feel and look!


Habit #3: Get moving more

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Activity and better health go hand-in-hand. So, whether you’re walking, dancing, or skipping, as long as you’re moving, you’re good! If you’ve been struggling to motivate yourself to be more active, starting with a few small changes can be a great step in the right direction.

For instance, walking wherever you can (yes, a difficult task in Malaysia, but not completely impossible!), taking the stairs instead of the elevator and making sure to get your daily steps in! As a whole, staying active is a must for both your physical and mental health.


Habit #4: Up your water intake

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There’s no room left for prunes this new year. To stop yourself from shrivelling, make sure that you’re drinking at least two to three litres of water every day, if not more. Etch markers into your water bottle, chuck some fruit in to infuse, or get a fancy water bottle—whatever it takes, we’re entering 2024 hydrated and happy. Trust us, your body will thank you.


Habit #5: Cut down on alcohol

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Before you freak out—we’re not saying that you have to kick cocktail hour entirely and stop turning up for Thursday drinks with your pals! All we’re suggesting is a cutback in the binge drinking department. Alcohol can increase the risk of conditions like high blood pressure, depression, insomnia and liver disease, among other ailments. So sticking to just one to two drinks a day can really help to improve your health moving forward.


Habit #6: Quit smoking (and vaping!)

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This is a pretty obvious one.  The ill effects of smoking and vaping have been well-documented, including increased risk of lung cancer, stroke, heart disease and much, much more. So, in 2024, let’s look to clearer skies and, more importantly, clearer airways. That means curbing this particular bad habit to save your lungs (and the lungs of those around you!).


Habit #7: Pick up something new

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A new year is the perfect time to pick up a new skill or hobby. Whether you’re teaching yourself how to crochet, taking up pottery or learning a new language, sinking yourself into a new experience will help boost your mental well-being. Plus, there’s never a downside to expanding your mind and your skill set!


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