Idris and Sabrina Elba are the latest faces of Calvin Klein Eternity—here’s the inside scoop on the couple’s steamy campaign

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By Redzhanna Jazmin

Idris and Sabrina Elba are the latest faces of Calvin Klein Eternity—here’s the inside scoop on the couple’s steamy campaign

From how the Elbas describe love to their surprising guilty pleasures, read our full exclusive ahead.

In celebration of Calvin Klein’s new Eternity Aromatic Essence his-and-hers duo, the celebrity couple star in a stunning campaign to celebrate love. Shot by fashion photographer Mert Alas, the S’Able Labs co-founders share a sensual, intimate moment as a bespoke cover of ‘Fever’ by FKA Twigs plays in the background. 

We hopped on the phone with Idris and Sabrina Elba to glean the inside scoop on their new Calvin Klein Eternity campaign and learn a little more about their relationship. Find the full exclusive ahead:



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What is your description of love? 

Idris: “I describe love as a bonding agent. It’s the stuff that holds things together. That’s how I’d describe love. You can love anything—a colleague, your car, anything—but the actual love is the attachment mechanism. That’s how I describe it. It’s very technical, but it’s very romantic.”


What do you find attractive about each other? 

Sabrina: “Apart from the glaringly obvious attractive attributes of my husband, I think it’s the way he dreams. He’s a heavy dreamer and he sees possibilities that I could never imagine, and it is beautiful. Also, how good of a dad he is. He’s an amazing father and I think that’s just warms my heart. And his humour! He’s very silly. Like, overly silly. All the time. He’s just a silly guy.”

Idris: “I think Sabrina is just such a multifaceted talent. She is really analytical, really smart, very articulate, and she cares. She genuinely cares. Like when she does work around some of the causes that we stand up for, she really delves in. Just watching her work, fighting for climate and food security—it has been amazing to watch her stand toe-to-toe with ministers around the world and talk about these issues. And she’s really passionate. And at the same time, you know, she’ll get on a red carpet and look like a movie star.”


What do you guys love about the new Calvin Klein Eternity Aromatic Essence? 

Sabrina: “I think it’s the nostalgia for me. The fragrance is amazing in and of itself, but there’s this coolness and effortless quality that comes with the CK brand and everything that they do. And being part of such a legacy campaign feels like a super pinch-me kind of moment. I mean, who didn’t look up to Christy Turlington? She’s such a gorgeous person. I can’t believe we get to do it now. But I always think bold and elevated and fresh when it comes to Eternity.”



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How would you actually describe the fragrance itself? 

Idris: “Well, I mean, it’s a classic, right? So for me, it just feels quite nostalgic.”

Sabrina: “It’s got a bit of a spicy quality to it, which I like, and there’s also freshness I think from the lavender and the coconut—and so it’s this nice balance. Sometimes you’ll try a fragrance and find it too floral or oudy or something, but this one just has a well-rounded body that’s easy to layer with and easy to start with.” 

Idris: “I think it’s bold. For me, it’s not an everyday fragrance. It’s kind of like when you want to go somewhere and make a memory on a holiday—you would want to dress nice and so you put that on.”

Sabrina: “That’s very interesting. For me, it’s very everyday—like a seductive everyday scent.

Idris: “Yeah, I don’t know if I could be seductive every day (laughs). It’s nice to spread it out.”


What do you usually look for in a scent? 

Sabrina: “I love to layer, so I like to look for complementary notes—if that’s the right way to put it. Something that fits in my wardrobe. It’s a very personal decision. But I also look to the aspirations of a brand, and Eternity represents love and that feeling and the legacy of love and what it means. I think that appeals to me in a way that’s bigger than the scent. You buy into the culture of the fragrance.”

Idris: “I like nothing overpowering, you know, and something that mixes well with how your body changes all day—something that actually just matures as the day goes on and blends well with your natural scent. That’s important to me. I think I have long days on average. And so having a pleasant smell from my own body is important.”


Is there a particular fragrance you like to layer this one with?

Sabrina: “No, it kind of changes with my mood. There isn’t one particular one, but I love anything that feels a bit darker, maybe a bit moodier to layer on top of this one. But generally, it changes every day. It’s more like ‘What am I feeling today?’.”



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Do you actually have a specific beauty ritual that both of you like to follow, especially as a couple? 

Sabrina: “Well, you know, we actually started our own skincare brand together called S’Able Labs. It’s become a bit of a ritual for us. We have our steps in the morning and evening and it’s simple. We intentionally wanted to create the brand for people to use together from a sustainability aspect, but also just from a community aspect. It feels good to take care of yourself together—to kind of make self-care selfless.”


How do you actually feel working together on this campaign? It must be extremely special for you. 

Idris: “I mean, it’s weird because it’s such a big legacy, but it just really feels like a gift. We feel honoured, you know—this is the next level to sort of be in this campaign because it’s so iconic. Like, it will be around forever.”

Sabrina: “Yeah, it does feel like a super pinch me moment. CK Eternity has been so iconic for so long that it’s almost hard to believe that like we’re now a part of it. But we’re super excited to be! And I think it was easy to do the shoot because the ask was just to be ourselves and be natural, which I loved. It was like a nice day off together.”


What are your guilty pleasures? 

Idris: “Gaming. Definitely gaming.” 

Sabrina: “We could, we could lose hours to video games! We both love them. Well, we like different types of games. Idris loves sports and FIFA whereas I’m more of a story-based gamer, like Ghost of Tsushima.”


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