The best Father’s Day gifts 2023 that Dad will actually love and use

For Daddy dearest


By Marissa Chin

FEATURED IMAGES: Royal Selangor | Hennessy
The best Father’s Day gifts 2023 that Dad will actually love and use

Getting a gift for someone can be a stressful and gargantuan task as it is—let alone getting one for such an important person as your father. With Father’s Day rapidly approaching this Sunday, the pressure to get the perfect gift is on. Granted, there is no present that can truly measure up to the everlasting love of a father, but these gifts come pretty close to showing how much you care and are thankful for. Ahead, we’ve gleaned the best Father’s Day gifts that are equal parts stunning, practical, and even delicious for every Dad out there!


Unlock the bartender in him

Royal Selangor Toolbox 6-Piece Set, RM1,800

Does Daddy dearest love putting on a good show for his guests behind the bar? Surprise him with a mixology set filled with all the essentials he needs to craft 10/10 cocktails and mocktails! Comprising a spacious wooden toolbox caddy, two highballs, a shaker, a muddler, a measure and a bar spoon, this thoughtful and eye-catching gift will not only elevate his mixology skills but make for unforgettable parties.

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Whisk him away on a holiday in style

Samsonite Minter Spinner (55-inch), RM1,659

If Dad is a globe-trotting man, that’s even more reason for you to take him on a holiday—but in unadulterated style and sophistication. Pops will love this gift as not only does it look suave with its fine vertical grooves and aluminium logo bar at the centre, but it’s also practical and durable for all his travel adventures! Equipped with the Aero-TracTMII Suspension Wheel System that is shock-absorbing, the suitcase has a built-in ball bearings mechanism that makes it easy to manoeuvre with little to no noise and vibration. Plus, it comes with a TSA008 combination lock and anti-theft double zipper security so Dad will always have peace of mind while he’s on the go.

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Give him a boost in his step 

Comyns Walking Stick, RM1,990

Who says walking sticks can’t be stylish? Both trendy and practical, these walking sticks by Comyns are made to give your father confidence in his steps all the while looking dashing as ever. Featuring a beautiful silver-formed handle in various animal shapes, the walking sticks are made of sturdy Burmese teak wood and come in several finishes. Animals available for choosing are a dog, duck, flamingo, horse, salmon and toucan.

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Let him go hands-free 

AirPods Pro 2nd Generation, RM629

AirPods are great gifts for hard-working dads for a variety of reasons: they can go hands-free while on calls, listen to their favourite tunes during their downtime, or find some peace and quiet with Active Noise Cancelation. Paired together with the free memoji engraving feature, you can make this gift even more personal by including a memoji version of your dad! 

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Toast to the future 

Hennessy X.O, RM1,068

A remarkable gift for a remarkable father. Savour the good times together with a drink as timeless, deep and powerful as the hero of your heart. The iconic Hennessy X.O cognac is aged in young barrels and is marked out by a rich, fruity palate and a spicy, vanilla-led finish. Like your father, it only gets better with age.

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Help him walk lighter 

Comyns Pocket Case, RM4,300

We all know men’s fashion is blessed with deep pockets that can fit just about anything, but that doesn’t mean that Dad should walk around with bulky and heavy pockets! Instead, encourage the man of the house to ditch the boxy wallet and opt for these nifty and stylish sterling silver pocket cases that can hold bank notes, name cards and the like and slip easily into the pocket. Personalise the gift further by engraving his name on the body or lid of the case. 

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Enjoy a game with him 

Is your father’s favourite pastime playing a game of chess? Engage in a battle of wits and strategy with him using the Lewis Chess Set, which features a cast of intriguing characters. The set is inspired by the 12th-century Lewis chessmen, unearthed on the Isle of Lewis, which any chess-loving Dad will appreciate.

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Satisfy his sweet tooth 

Royce Pistachio chocolates, from RM55

Make your Father’s Day celebrations an extra sweet one as you indulge in a delicious box of chocolates together! Perfect for dads who enjoy sweet treats or more savoury notes, Royce’s Pistachio Collection’s blend of earthiness from the nutty pistachios and the smooth, creamy Hokkaido milk chocolate is bound to be a hit. 

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Kickstart his fitness journey 

Garmin Instinct Crossover, from RM2,470

If one of your father’s resolutions this year is to be more active, help him ease into his fitness journey by gifting him with Garmin’s Instinct Crossover. The wearable is an ideal companion for fitness rookie dads as it offers more than 30 sports modes, a full suite of wellness features and key health metrics to track their goals and progress. This way, your dad won’t be bored with his routine and will be motivated to keep on going!

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Indulge in decadence

Elevete Patisserie Artisanal Cakes, from RM140

This Father’s Day weekend, surprise pops with a luscious cake to top off your sweet celebrations. Elevete Patisserie is offering three exclusive artisanal cakes that will suit any dad’s palate: the Tiramisu-Suit cake for fathers who love caffeine, the Monsieur Chéri Black Forest Gâteaux for something more sophisticated, or a bitter chocolate mousse entremets called A Father’s Muse that screams velvety cocoa goodness.

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