Jennie takes centre stage in the new Chanel Première Édition Originale campaign

Jennie takes centre stage in the new Chanel Première Édition Originale campaign

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By Sarah Hani Jamil

Famously dubbed the ‘Human Chanel‘, Jennie Kim has once again seized the spotlight in the latest Chanel Première Édition Originale campaign. As a pivotal figure in the Maison’s recent viral successes, Jennie’s role as House Ambassador has been nothing short of memorable. Known worldwide as one-fourth of the sensational South Korean group Blackpink, the star’s fashion influence among global youth has soared, particularly since her affiliation with the French luxury label.

Her journey with Chanel has been noteworthy, marked by a string of mesmerising campaigns, including the recent Coco Crush and Chanel 22 fashion films. In a seductive new chapter, Jennie joins a close friend and another notable Chanel ambassador, Lily-Rose Depp, as the muse of the Première Édition Originale timepiece.



Set against the romantic backdrop of Paris and expertly captured by the esteemed creative duo and longtime Chanel collaborators Inez and Vinoodh, the campaign film showcases Jennie in moments of being carefree within her hotel suite. Accessorised with the Première Édition Originale, delicately coated with 18K yellow gold and featuring a chic steel chain bracelet interlaced with black leather straps, Jennie epitomises effortless sophistication.



Beyond its stunning appearance, the Première Édition Originale watch boasts impeccable functionality, housing a high-precision quartz movement and offering water resistance up to 30 metres. With dimensions of 26.1 x 20mm, its delicate feminine design adorns the wrist with timeless grace, seamlessly blending the realms of jewellery and timekeeping. Acting as a versatile accessory, this exquisite timepiece transcends trends, making it a cherished investment for generations to come.



Watch the full campaign video here:



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