Welcome to BURO Academy, an exclusive webinar series focused on self-improvement, essential to a vital mid-year refresh. Featuring key personalities and industry experts giving bite-size tips, practical skill sets and crucial advice, there's definitely something to take away from each episode.
Communication is key but the bigger question is: "How?" Watch the video above where professional keynote speaker Simone Heng shows us the ropes in under five minutes.
Never underestimate the power of self-promotion. Publisher of Vogue Singapore, Bettina von Schlippe, shares why it's important and how you can sell... well, yourself.
If you've been feeling overwhelmed with work (and the lack of its balance with life), you could be experiencing burnout. boOm Singapore founder Victoria Martin-Tay has two crucial tips to change all that.
Giving constructive criticism isn't a personal attack. It's to inspire change and promote growth but understandably, it can be seen as potentially offending someone—not with these tips by Creative Director at Foreign Policy Design Group Yah-Leng though!
If you're unsure whether to quit your 9-to-5 job for the world of freelancing, presenter, moderator and voiceover actor Audrey Lim details her expert insight and the right steps to take.

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