BURO Academy: How to avoid burnout, according to boOm Singapore founder Victoria Martin-Tay


By Rachel Au

BURO Academy: How to avoid burnout, according to boOm Singapore founder Victoria Martin-Tay

Today’s episode of BURO Academy is a crucial one. In these trying times—especially if you’re working from home—it’s easy to lose sight of your passions in the midst of chasing deadlines, striving to achieve goals and a flurry of Zoom meetings. Before you know it, you’re weighted down my anxiety, stress and a flood of emotions. Feeling overwhelmed yet ambition still itches at the back of your mind, the result could render you physically and emotionally helpless. Burnouts are no fun.

Now, more than anything, is the time to truly take care of our mental health. From knowing when (and where) to seek help to taking some time out in your day to meditate to reading something inspirational, it can make all the difference to give yourself that TLC. boOm Singapore founder Victoria Martin-Tay, our guest speaker for today’s topic on avoiding burnout, said it best:

“If we’re not in our best frame of mind, if we’re not in our best physical self, [then] everything that we’ve worked so hard for, is all for nothing.”

How do you know if you’re experiencing burnout? Some common telltale signs include insomnia, forgetfulness, loss of appetite, quick to anger and even headaches. The good news is that a little goes a long way. Making small changes—or even just one—could help tip the scales back into balance. Watch the video above as Victoria, a self-professed perfectionist, reveals the importance of taking a step back and her tried-and-tested tips to avoiding burnout.

BURO Academy is an exclusive webinar series focused on self-improvement. Released weekly, it will feature key personalities and industry experts giving you bite-size tips, practical skills sets and crucial advice. Whether it’ll apply to your outlook in life, the relationships with the people around you or on your career front, there’s definitely something to take away from each episode.

Stay tuned for next week’s episode where our guest speaker will share tips on constructive criticism.

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