5 Productivity tools that will make your life easier

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By Rachel Au

5 Productivity tools that will make your life easier

Technology is like a double-edged sword; it has helped re-connect old friends and connect families who live far apart but it has also been the reason people barely talk even when they meet up for a meal. Similarly, technology has generally made a lot of people’s work easier but it can also be a bad distraction during office hours (read: Facebook). 


However, we can’t blame it all on social media sites. Beat technology at its own game and choose a different set of online sites and tools to tune in to-like these awesome productivity tools we found on the WWW. 



If your Spotify playlist isn’t working for you in the office, it’s time to try a different channel. Science has proven that people can concentrate better with white noise in the background. This site allows you to create your own combos of background sounds to help your creative juices get un-stuck.



If you browse the Internet or your smartphone apps (i.e Twitter, Flipboard, etc) a lot but don’t have time to read them all, this nifty tool will help you save them all to be viewed later. Because it’s available as an app (it’s also linked with over 1,500+ apps) and desktop extension, it’ll automatically be synced to one place: your Pocket (account). You can also tag the articles or images so that you can easily filter for the item you’re looking for. 


Do Nothing for 2 Minutes 

If you had a long meeting or a stressful day but work still needs to be done, then you just need a break-a two-minute break by just staring at this website while listening to its waves and doing absolutely nothing else. A quick meditation like this could go a long way and youur mind will soon be back to focus mode. 


Stay Focused

If you tend to take breaks in the form of visiting time-wasting websites (oh, the endless sinful scrolling of our Facebook news feed), this Google Chrome extension is going to make sure you can’t do that. It’s completely configurable such as which sites you want to block or how long you’re allowed to spend on said sites for the day.



If this, then that-in case you were wondering. And that is the gist of what this amazing productivity tool is about. It helps give you the creative control of what you want to do with your favourite products and apps and connect them via a ‘Recipe’.

For example, you can choose the  ‘Recipe’ that if you upload an Instagram photo, then it will be saved on your Dropbox. Or if you save a new contact on your phone, then it will also save it to a Google spreadsheet. Now doesn’t all that make life so much easier?  


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