BURO Academy: How to give constructive criticism, by Creative Director at Foreign Policy Design Group Yah-Leng

It's not personal

Text: Rachel Au

Video: BURO Singapore

Giving constructive criticism isn't a personal attack. It's to inspire change and promote growth but understandably, it can be seen as potentially offending someone—not with these tips though!


At some point, everyone would likely find themselves in a position to give constructive criticism. For some, it's easy. For others, it's a fear of possibly offending someone. But here's the kicker: Constructive criticism isn't criticism. It's feedback with the goal to help someone or something improve. It's to inspire change. It's for the purpose of growth.

Growth, which incidentally is both the aim of BURO Academy, an exclusive webinar series focused on self-improvement, and the topic for today's episode. Released weekly, the series will feature key personalities and industry experts giving you bite-size tips, practical skills sets and crucial advice. Whether it'll apply to your outlook in life, the relationships with the people around you or on your career front, there's definitely something to take away from each episode. Like so:

"Sometimes it might be difficult to express the directness because many people feel that they might hurt the person. Sometimes they'll just beat around the bush—totally not helpful. Of course, be sincere about it 'cause that will help the person."

Creative Director at Foreign Policy Design Group Yah-Leng knows what it's like to give constructive criticism and the assumption that many people have around it. She also knows the right tips to give if you're struggling with this too. Watch the video above for a quick crash course!

Stay tuned for next week's episode where our guest speaker will share tips on hacking the gig economy.

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