BURO Academy: How to communicate effectively, according to professional keynote speaker Simone Heng

Ahead, five essential tips for effective communication

Text: Rachel Au

Video: BURO Singapore

Communication is key but the bigger question is: "How?" Watch the video above where professional keynote speaker Simone Heng shows us the ropes in under five minutes

Life is all about perspective. While yes, the global pandemic (and 2020, in general) has brought about more than a handful of devastating changes, it has also shown a couple of positive outcomes (evident simply via our weekly #HappyHeadlines). Having been stuck at home for more than three months, it has also pushed us to reevaluate what matters most, take time to breathe, and chase after opportunities.

As we look to inspire you for a mid-year refresh (hello, New Normal!) this month, we're launching BURO Academy, an exclusive webinar series focused on self-improvement. Released weekly, it will feature key personalities and industry experts giving you bite-size tips, practical skills sets and crucial advice. Whether it'll apply to your outlook in life, the relationships with the people around you or on your career front, there's definitely something to take away from each episode.

And to kick off BURO Academy is professional keynote speaker Simone Heng, whose area of expertise is indeed on the human connection. In a time when people do catch-ups or business meetings over Zoom (rather than coffee), it's more important than ever to improve our communication skills to avoid unneccessary misunderstandings. Time is a luxury so let's use it wisely to get the right, intended message across!

Stay tuned for next week's episode where our guest speaker will cover the art of self-promotion.


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