Planning a staycation? This Airbnb forest villa is only 1 hour from KL



By Marissa Chin

Planning a staycation? This Airbnb forest villa is only 1 hour from KL

If local travel is on your 2024 resolutions, this Airbnb nestled in the lush forest of Hulu Langat just one hour away from KL is the perfect place to start. Despite being located relatively close to the city, the resort home—aptly named Far Far Away—offers a rejuvenating eco-first experience that will make visitors feel as though they are somewhere remote, with the hustle and bustle of city life far behind them.

Far Far Away is a labour of love by husband and wife duo, Terry and Yati, who began construction of the villa in 2012. With sustainability at the forefront of their minds, the couple set out to build a home befitting their DIY lifestyle, complete with handmade recycled furniture seen throughout the home. With a 4.95 rating on Airbnb, the accommodation is one of the most loved homes on the platform and has even won the Airbnb Green Stays Award in 2021.

Ahead, find out what Team BURO loved about our stay in Far Far Away, and what you can expect at this eco-paradise.


1. A jungle oasis 

As mentioned before, expect to encounter exotic flora and fauna as Far Far Away is surrounded by a forest reserve that was once an abandoned durian orchard! From the large glass windows in the living room to the open-air balcony, you will be treated to a breathtaking vista of Malaysia’s rainforest. As we looked out at the never-ending line of trees, we caught sight of monkeys swinging on branches and birds cawing in the sky—not to mention, friendly dogs that keep you company! 


After taking over the piece of land, Terry and Yati also continued to work on the landscape and growing its biodiversity by planting an array of endemic trees. You will see much of the pair’s gardening work littered throughout the property, including rambutan, mangosteen, avocado, and of course, durian trees that the couple is happy to share when in season.


2. An emphasis on sustainability 

Terry and Yati are passionate about leading an eco-conscious lifestyle and this is reflected in the way of life at Far Far Away. Unlike other holiday accommodations that have a maximalist approach, this Hulu Langat resort home strips it back to focus on what matters the most: the environment. To reduce wastage, guests are highly encouraged to compost all that can be composted as a compost pot is provided. 

The next one can be a breaking point for some guests but Far Far Away also doesn’t provide air-conditioning. While Team BURO (and probably most Malaysians) are used to turning on our air-conditioners, not having them around during our stay made us realise that these appliances are not all that necessary—especially when Far Far Away’s breezy and fresh air is enough to cool us down throughout the day. “Most of us wish for the comforts and conveniences of modern living…Far Far Away is our compromise whilst evaluating every decision and development on its environmental impact,” shared Terry.


3. Clean and spacious rooms 

The bedroom can make or break a holiday and we’re happy to report that Far Far Away knocked it out of the park with their clean and comfortable rooms! After a long day out, nothing beats a nice shower and a plush bed to fall asleep in—and this is definitely what we got during our stay. There are a total of four bedrooms that come in various sizes and configurations. Each room features a comfortable bed (ranging from single to queen-size), closet and vanity. 

Whether you’re bringing a small group of friends or hosting a corporate getaway, the large forest villa can easily accommodate up to 12 people. For larger groups, eight additional mattresses are available for request at an extra charge. While there are only a few bedrooms that have an en suite, all bathrooms were well-maintained and offered basic necessities.


4. Large communal spaces 

Upon arrival, one of the first things we noticed at Far Far Away was the amount of communal spaces that dotted the property. Firstly, there is a large dining area and seating zone with large wood-carved tables right as we enter the home. 

One of our favourite spots is the expansive balcony that extends from the dining area. The balcony features another large outdoor dining table and living room, where guests can soak in the view of the forest ahead and the pool below. We especially loved having our hotpot here with the breeze coming through.

Speaking of the outdoors, guests can also gather to cook in the fully-equipped outdoor kitchen that comes with a gas stove and charcoal BBQ units. Not to mention, there is a fire pit for late-night s’mores and spooky ghost stories!

Back inside, there is another spacious living room facing large glass windows that became our regular hangout spot for games, work, idle chat and quiet introspection. We also appreciated that the home did not come with a TV as once again, this is part of Terry and Yati’s vision to fully immerse yourself in nature and to be present in each other’s company. 


5. Our own private pool 

How can we not talk about this gorgeous infinity pool? With our own pool set in a private garden, Team BURO had a great time splashing in the water and soaking in some vitamin D on the sun-chairs. The pool is about four feet deep and gradually gets deeper towards the end, which is perfect for doing laps or just general dog paddling. Blast your speaker and you have yourself a fun pool party!


Book on Airbnb now

Booking a trip to Far Far Away could not be any easier and safer on Airbnb’s redesigned app and website. Whether you’re looking for an intimate cabin surrounded by nature or a beachfront for your summer holidays, there are now over 50 categories of unique homes to suit every preference. 

Furthermore, Airbnb now offers the Split Stays feature which allows guests to split longer stays of two weeks or more between two complementary listings. This way, they will be able to explore different listings and destinations within a single trip. Worried about last-minute cancellations or check-in issues? Thanks to the new AirCover feature, customers will be protected against such problems and have access to a 24/7 Safety Line to raise any issues immediately. 

For more information or to make a reservation at Far Far Away, visit this website. Find more Airbnb options for your next stay here.


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