BURO Spotlights: The grand opening of Gentle Monster at The Exchange TRX

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By Sarah Hani Jamil

BURO Spotlights: The grand opening of Gentle Monster at The Exchange TRX

It’s a wonderful time for Malaysia’s retail landscape and economy as The Exchange TRX, a world-class experiential lifestyle destination, finally opened its doors to visitors last week on the 29th of November. Among the array of new brands making their debut in Malaysia, one stands out as the main attraction, South Korean brand Gentle Monster.  

You may have seen the eyewear label during travels to Seoul, heard about it through word of mouth from friends, or have come across it through the sheer influence of Jennie of Blackpink, who has collaborated with the brand on two separate occasions—either way, Gentle Monster has undeniably established itself as a prominent name in the realm of luxury eyewear.

Essentially, Gentle Monster was established by founder Hankook Kim in 2011 as an optical brand addressing the needs of Asian consumers, particularly those with low-bridge noses who prefer oversized frames. Since then, the brand’s audacious storytelling, innovative retail approach and unconventional marketing and collaborative efforts continue to push the boundaries of creativity. Aside from the ones with Jennie mentioned above, other notable collaborations include Maison Margiela, Moncler, Alexander Wang, Heron Preston and the Parisian brand D’heygere.


Spanning 3,522 square feet, the Gentle Monster Kuala Lumpur store boasts a meticulously designed space that offers an extraordinary spatial experience. For the uninitiated, the brand is highly influenced by contemporary art, and each store or showroom across the globe features 3D installations and lifelike robotic elements, creating thought-provoking and unfamiliar scenes.

Globally, Gentle Monster boasts a network of 41 stores, each offering a unique experience. In the TRX store, the facade artwork and metal structures are contrasted with the fluid movements of hyper-real animatronic bisons. Combined with various flowing paths, these elements deliver a dynamic, colourful, not to mention picture-worthy experience to the shopper.



The exclusive store launch offered KL’s fashion crowd—made up of celebrities, influencers, content creators, fashion designers and entrepreneurs—the opportunity to discover Gentle Monster’s latest 2024 Optical Collection. The line’s daring, futuristic designs were on full display, echoing the brand’s identity.  See the fabulous event on opening day below:



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Find Gentle Monster at G.12A, Ground Level in The Exchange TRX.

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