10 Exciting trends we predict to see in 2024

New year, new trends


By Marissa Chin

10 Exciting trends we predict to see in 2024

From fruit-based makeup and movie franchise showdowns to bows galore, 2023 was full of ups and downs. Whether you’re a beauty girl, a fashionista or a pop culture vulture, the past year gave birth to plenty of trends that kept us well entertained throughout the year. 

As we turn over a new leaf, team BURO takes a retrospective look back at 2023 and picks our top 10 predictions of what the new year will have in store for us. Call it wishful thinking or intuition, here are 10 exciting trends we hope to see in 2024.


Sarah Hani Jamil, Editor-in-Chief

Simone Rocha SS24

Barbie Pink had its moment in 2023, and I absolutely loved the feminine charm it brought. While the colour has run its course, I do think that the girlie girl trend is here to stay—with bows, lace, and tulle leading the way—and a more subtle shade like Dusty Pink taking centre stage, which is my trend prediction for the year. This colour was huge back in 2019, and like all fashion trends, it may just make a comeback.”

Valentino SS24

“Dusty Pink has gotten a rep for being a millennial colour, and I proudly claim it as I’m still attached to the sweet shade. It seems I’m not alone, as luxury fashion labels, including Simone Rocha, Prada, and Valentino, have showcased it on their Spring/Summer 2024 runways. Now, I’m waiting for the perfect moment to bust out my dusty pink dresses and skirts again.”


Natalie Khoo, Deputy Editor

Anantara Desaru Coast

“There are so many micro trends that have already taken off and will continue to define 2024, but on the macro level, I think the idea of #supportlocal will expand across all industries. Zeroing in on the food and travel sectors, I anticipate that the notion of ‘eat local, tour local, spend local’ will drive consumer experiences. This comes in response to the need for more sustainable practices, as well as increased awareness and appreciation for local cultures, heritage, produce, and talents—be it in your native country or a new destination you’re travelling to. I believe the idea of discovering hidden gems and learning about lesser-known ingredients or small local businesses will appeal to a larger population, now that pioneers have shared the wonders of these experiences.


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A post shared by Ray-Ban (@rayban)

“On the other hand, I think wearable technology will pick up in 2024. In 2023 alone, we’ve seen smart clothing on the runways and the debut of the uber-cool Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses. With the smartphone category becoming oversaturated and other mobile gadgets reaching their peak, I foresee brands working towards innovations in the wearable department. My guess is that we’ll be seeing more smart accessories—and I’m particularly excited (and a little nervous) for smart glasses to go big!” 


Naseem Randhawa, Special Projects Director

Van Cleef & Arpels Ludo Secret Watch

Versatility is the keyword I think a lot of watch and jewellery brands would be looking into in 2024. How many ways or occasions would an invested piece allow the wearer to wear to make the most out of their investment? This is why I think versatility translates to more transformable pieces. From gemstone studded bracelets turned secret watches, to necklaces with detachable pieces that can be worn as statement earrings or brooches—I’m hoping 2024 will see even more of these innovative marvels unveiled. It’s always exciting to see how fine artistry and craftsmanship evolve creatively over the years!”


Redzhanna Jazmin, Beauty Editor


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A post shared by Sandy Liang (@sandyliang)

“It might be wishful thinking, but my hope for 2024 is a big shift away from extreme microtrends. We’ve seen so many come up this year—cinnamon cookie butter hair, strawberry girl makeup, blueberry nails—essentially, just cutesy rebrands of basic beauty concepts. Don’t get me wrong—I love a catchy name and a fun little TikTok trend but I’m tired of constantly chasing the next big thing, especially when it’s nothing new. 

“The last few years have been a blur of the same old stuff, repackaged with varying success. Everyone’s looking for a new ‘viral’ product to push (90 per cent of the time, it only goes viral because it’s been used incorrectly), or a silly new way to describe brown, and it’s exhausting. At the very least, if we can’t kick the trend rush, maybe we can slow it down just a tad.” 


Sarah Tai, Creative Director

“To be brutally honest, I don’t necessarily care about trends—I didn’t care about them last year, I didn’t care about them this year and I’m pretty sure I still don’t care about them in 2024 (or any of the years to come for that matter). However, if I had to pick what I’d like to see more next year in creative direction trends: concepts that marry both placid horror and whimsical tranquillity.”


Eve Lyn Lau, Web Graphic Designer


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A post shared by HAY (@haydesign)

“I’ve always been a neutral colour kind of person but I believe Minimal Maximalism will bring a new twist as we see the world embracing bold colourways everywhere. The approach to minimalism takes a cool turn, infused with a touch of maximalist flair featuring simple designs and lively patterns and palettes. I’m expecting to see more pops of funky green, yellow, electric blue, and bold red.”


Marissa Chin, Lifestyle & Culture Writer

‘Everything Everywhere All At Once’

“In 2023, it was quite apparent that movie trends have seen a huge shift amongst audiences. The unprecedented double strike by the writer and actor labour unions loomed over Hollywood and presented an opportunity for movie-goers to reflect and examine what films were actually worth going to the cinemas for. Simply put: audiences were far pickier last year with their spending power and it showed—superhero movies suffered and franchise fatigue was apparent.

While I’m not saying that intellectual property (IP) is dead—after all, 2023’s biggest film, Barbie, exemplified the power of IP—I believe Hollywood is beginning to outgrow franchises and audiences are ready for more original IP. Just look at the success of Everything Everywhere All at Once, John Wick and even Megan! I’m also a firm believer that not every film has to be serialised so my personal wish is to see a proliferation of standalone movies in 2024 with gripping storylines that hold up on their own.”

Gustaf Westman

“In the world of home design, I believe curved shapes and furniture are going to be a popular trend! With the way 2023 was completely dominated by quiet luxury and its emphasis on subtle perfection, I anticipate that interior design trends this new year will be bolder, fun and experimental: bid farewell to straight-cut lines and a sad beige aesthetic. In 2024, we’re embracing curved silhouettes that imbue more fun and personality to your space—I’m talking bulbous cups and plates, round-shaded lamps, chunky vases, curve-edged furniture, squiggly mirrors and more!”


Benedict Unang, Fashion Writer


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A post shared by LOEWE (@loewe)

“I think it’s about time we embraced oversized handbags. As someone who likes to overpack, having more storage space allows me to carry all the essentials (and extras, because why not). Extra-large bags also make a great statement item because the bag alone has the power to spark conversation! I’m now eyeing the Loewe Squeeze bag, and I can see why so many people find themselves drawn to it. The top handle seems sturdy, but the bag itself has a slouchy look, so the two features sort of complement each other.”


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