Trend forecast: These are the beauty trends that are about to blow up in 2024

Welcome back, indie sleaze


By Redzhanna Jazmin

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Trend forecast: These are the beauty trends that are about to blow up in 2024

PSA: The 2010s are back—but with a twist. Here are the biggest beauty trends we foresee for 2024, from maximalism to corpcore chic.

A new year means a fresh start. As we enter 2024, we’re collectively moving forward with the changing times, and that means that what’s “in” is getting a big revamp. So… what’s hot (or, at the very least, picking up steam) in 2024? We know that Y2K ruled 2022 and 2023, but it’s beginning to feel a little tired—or, dare we say, cheugy. What comes next? Well, the 2010s championed the ’90s, the late 2000s were big on the ’80s, the early 2000s took pointers from the ’70s—and so on. So, accounting for our ever-shortening trend cycle and working chronologically, the return of the 2010s for 2024 is the logical answer.

Now, we know what you’re thinking. “Are you kidding me!?” is likely your first instinct. After all, the era isn’t exactly known for its timeless trends. Really, what comes to mind? For us, it’s the Instagram face, Tumblr girl chic and the rise and rise of twee. That, and a lot of chevron prints. With that in mind, it may be hard to see how we can realistically make fleeky brows, matte lips and overdone contour work in our modern era.

That is, of course, until you realise that it’s already been done. Indie sleaze has been in for ages now, with Alexa Chung’s trademark bedhead/cat-eye combo making its rounds on Instagram. Twee has also already begun infiltrating the cultural zeitgeist too with Bowmania and coquette-core coming in strong last year. Either way, as is true for all trend revivals, innovation prevails.

So, in 2024, we predict we’ll be seeing some core tenets of the 2010s in our beauty regimes, along with a few new ones. From maximalism makeup to nouveau ombré and more, find our biggest 2024 beauty trend predictions below:


Trend #1: Maximalism makeup

Say goodbye to clean girls and skinimalism—we’re moving on from pared-back makeup and slick hair and embracing all things big and bold. From the return of full glam (think 2016’s Instagram face, but more modern) to a huge push for colour play in all its glory, it’s looking to be an exciting year.


Trend #2: Big and bigger hair


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As we said, slick buns are going by the wayside, and in their stead comes ’80s-esque body and elaborate detailing. We’ve already seen a rise in the trend of bigger, bolder hair on both the runway and via the viral TikTok Dyson blowout trend, but we predict that 2024 will be the year that XXL extensions and it’s full potential really pops off. It’s going to be all about density and drama, be it in shape, texture, or volume.

Plus, we predict that layers are here to stay, but that they are going to get longer and longer as everyone starts to grow their mullets and wolf cuts out for the new year.


Trend #3: The shift from skincare to hair care


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At this point, tackling skincare is like beating a dead horse. That’s why 2024 is going to see a lot more development in hair care. We’re already seeing a huge rise in new-gen, viral hair care creators like Abbey Yung and the renaissance of OG YouTube hair transformation champions like Guy Tang—it’s only a matter of time.


Trend #4: Peach Fuzz everything

Just as Viva Magenta defined 2023 at Fashion Week and throughout the whole fever dream that was the Barbie movie mania, we predict that Pantone’s 2024 Colour of The Year will get its own moment. Because it’s so easy to incorporate into any beauty routine (you probably already have it in your beauty stash!), we predict we’ll be seeing the shade splattered on cheeks, nails, lips and more.

PS: If you’d like some suggestions on how to wear Peach Fuzz for 2024, we’ve got you covered!

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Trend #5: Office sirens


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With the rise of corp-core (essentially, a yassified take on 2010s’ business casual), everyone wants to be that girl in the office… even if “the office” is their bedroom WFH setup. Think of the likes of Shalom Harlow, Megan Fox and Bella Hadid wearing extra skinny-framed spectacles over so-sharp-it-could-cut-you liner and vampy lips. So major!


Trend #6: Root-heavy ombrés


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If there was one trend that ruled 2010, it was the dip dye. Well, it’s coming back—but this time it’s for convenience, rather than style. As everyone grows out their Barbie blondes and wolf cuts, we’ll be seeing a lot of rootage showing. That’s right—your grown-out roots are going to be trendy this year. Finally, a trend for the lazy girls!

PS: If you play your cards right, you could look like a regular Sky Ferreira!


Trend #7: Flattering filler

If there’s one beauty trend that ruled 2014, it was Kylie Jenner’s lips. Everyone was obsessed with the volume, and Miss Jenner built a multi-million dollar brand on the hype. Now, almost 10 years on, we’re seeing the consequences of that. Fishy, overdone lips and puffy faces are just the beginning. We’ve seen countless influencers and celebrities dissolve their filler (including Jenner herself), and instead opt for more natural-looking work.

Essentially, we’re moving away from the hyper-plastic look that ruled the 2010s and moving towards more of a subtle, barely-there enhancement of the features instead.


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