Buzzed and bobbed: Here’s why you should cut all of your hair off now


By Redzhanna Jazmin

Buzzed and bobbed: Here’s why you should cut all of your hair off now
Whether you’re looking to get bobbed or buzzed up, short hair is here to stay—here are some of the year’s most enduring short hairstyles

It’s hot girl summer all year round in this corner of the world (excepting monsoon season), so there is no time like the present to jump on the season’s hottest trend: The Hot Girl crop. Whether you’re in need of a major hair refresh, or you’re just looking for a fresh start, now is the perfect time to go short.

From edgy pixies to trendy bobs and even platinum buzzcuts, the cool girl crop comes in many shapes and sizes. Depending on how much you’re willing to commit to the craft, we’ve curated a range of cropped looks to serve as some stellar (DIY-optional) hair inspo:

Hunter Schafer’s straight, blunt bob


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Stave away Malaysia’s humid swelter with a blunt bob à la Euphoria starlet Hunter Schafer. The simple, bare-bones cut is a great way to switch up your look without risking too much emotional whiplash. Plus, it helps that it’s so versatile—slick it down into a chic, put-together look for your nights out or spritz it with a little salt spray for some enviable, beachy texture.

Tashi Rodriguez’s blunt, voluminous bob


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Take your bob to the next level with a little extra volume—this blunt cut puts those curls to good use, juxtaposing the severe triangular silhouette with soft, bouncy ringlets for a gorgeous, fresh look.

TIP: If you don’t have natural curls, store-bought is fine—go wild with your curling irons or get a perm during your next salon appointment!

Ashley Benson’s choppy, copper-toned lob


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As the latest celeb to sport 2021’s biggest hair trend, copper red, the Pretty Little Liars starlet proves just why the bob is the summer season’s most enduring trend. Throw a few tousled layers into the mix for texture and you’ve got yourself an effortless everyday ‘do.

Rihanna’s Mia Farrow-esque pixie


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The last time we saw the inimitable Bad Gal sporting the full Rosemary’s Baby was back in 2014, so it’s about time that she revisited the look. For those who are looking to adopt the pixie but are nervous to take the leap, fret not—though it lacks in length, pixie cuts are still wonderfully versatile. Case in point: The soft layers in Rihanna’s pixie add a more feminine quality to the cut, but is also easily slicked back to add an edgier streak.

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Iris Law’s platinum buzz

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Are you open to trying something very rad? Take a leaf out of Iris Law’s book and get buzzin’! Also known as 2021’s hottest hair trend (also see: Gossip Girl’s Jordan Alexander), the reputation of this cut has come a long way since Britney circa 2006.

Aside from being the perfect way to start afresh, the model’s latest bleached blonde buzzcut leaves plenty of room for experimentation—once you tire of the blonde, try experimenting with every hue of the rainbow! In fact, you could even incorporate patterns into your dye job. Just have fun!

BONUS: All you need to achieve the look is a set of hair clippers and some bleach—it’s the perfect DIY project.

Jada Pinkett-Smith and Willow Smith’s clean shaves

Speaking of the buzzcut, the dynamic duo of the Red Table Talk has also taken to the trend, opting for a much closer shave than Miss Law. The clean shave works to accentuate the pair’s stellar bone structure and has the added bonus of being unreasonably easy to maintain—again, all you need is a set of hair clippers.

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