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3 Beauty lessons I learned from Blackpink’s new music video ‘Ice Cream’


By Redzhanna Jazmin

3 Beauty lessons I learned from Blackpink’s new music video ‘Ice Cream’

So, Blackpink’s brand new music video for Ice Cream just dropped, so we have to unpack everything that’s going on. Firstly—hello, Selena Gomez? Fancy seeing you here! Nice hair, BTW. Next, they did not have to go this hard on the beauty looks.

Not that we’re complaining, though—there are some seriously awesome summer-ready looks in this video, and a few crucial beauty lessons to take away from it.

Warning: This is a wild ride.

Lesson 1: A crash course in Asian vs Western beauty standards

This video is a great opportunity to compare the differences in makeup trends between Asia and the West, and you bet we’re about to do just that.

The visual theme of the video is incredibly consistent, so we can clearly see the differences in interpretation between the Korean and the American glam squads.

As a whole, the general vibe with makeup is that American beauty is all about maximalism, while K-beauty favours the natural.

For example: Look at their lashes. Natural, thin and feathered lashes as shown on Rosé are the norm for the Blackpink girls, whereas bold, luscious, long flutters are preferred by Selena.

Next, notice the difference in brow game? Consistent with Insta-trends, Selena’s brows are super-defined with a high arch. This has a lifting effect on her eyes and helps to frame her face beautifully.

Jisoo, on the other hand (as well as the other girls) sports a softer, lighter brow with a straighter shape. This type of brow works to soften the features for a delicate, feminine look.

That’s not where it ends with the eyes, either. There’s a huge difference in the liner game between the band and Selena. Namely, the Blackpink ladies are more partial to a very thin liner line, whereas Selena leans towards the bolder, thicker end.

The thin liner is perfect for smaller lids, opening and accentuating the eye. While a thick liner looks great on Selena, it would have the opposite effect on the lids of the Blackpink girls.

Finally, let’s talk about blush and contour. Lisa and the girls tend to err on the fresh-faced side. Their contour is largely limited to blush, and there is no obvious ‘chiseling’. This creates a fuller, more youthful look overall. You can see it clearly in Lisa’s look below.

On the contrary, Selena’s blush and contour is very much at the forefront of her look. In the Western game, it’s all about high cheekbones and a flush of colour to warm the face beautifully.

Either way, West or East, the interpretations of ‘Hot Girl Summer’ on either side are absolutely gorgeous.

Lesson 2: How to apply colour theory

Well, the key is to employ the theory of the colour wheel. The pairs of complementary colours may seem unintuitive (we know what you’re thinking: “Blue and orange? Purple and yellow? Green and red? Really?”), but don’t be too quick to write it off just yet. You’d be surprised at how perfectly they harmonise when done right.

Coincidentally, Blackpink has a lot to teach us about doing colour the right way. Behold: The receipts.

Here Jennie juxtaposes her blue wing with three simple, yellow stars. Officially one of our favourite looks from the video, this stars-and-stripes themed look is kind of the perfect makeup for Merdeka, eh? No?

Regardless, the look is perfectly understated. It’s simple enough to pair with a natural pink lippie and soft brows, yet striking enough to capture the eye.

Another fun look from the video is this ice-cream colour palette. The rainbow-themed eyeshadow on Jennie is a high-key showstopper. It features a delectable gradient from pink, to purple to green—the pink-to-purple blend is easy on the eyes, but lime-green twist adds some much-needed intrigue.

It doesn’t have to be all in the face, either—in this look, Jennie goes pink from head-to-toe which is super fun. However, she then adds some contrast with her baby-blue nail art to accent the look.

Lisa’s play on colour theory is a little more spunky. On the red-green/purple-yellow spectrum, Lisa pairs her pink-purple hairdo with a yellow-green shadow.

Next, she’s rocking this absolute showstopper of a green bob, matching the look with a dreamy monochrome wash of pink over the lids and lips.

Even Selena got in on the contrast trend, albeit not with her makeup. No, rather, she paired her bold fuschia lippie with a bright green visor.

On that note, if there’s anyone who could pull off a visor like this without emanating major Asian Aunty™ vibes, it’ll be Selena Gomez.

Pick up just a few of these tips and you could be having as much fun as Rosé and Jennie are in the snap above!

Lesson 3: How to modernise retro beauty trends effortlessly

Let’s be real—all the looks in this video were a love letter to the ’50s. We’re talking victory rolls, pin curls and big hair galore. The upside? Ice Cream shows us some versions that don’t have to take hours of styling.

For instance: Selena’s faux victory rolls are a much easier way to achieve the pin-up staple—all you need is a middle part and some volume. Plus, the super-long tousled lengths add more movement into the hair—a great way to modernise the look for the 21st century.

Jennie retrofies her long, black ringlets with the help of a bandana headband.

Jisoo goes down a different route with the bandana, using it as a bow.

Finally, we see the whole band in some truly Insta-worthy looks. Jennie has the early ’60s big bouffant going for her—no doubt, a hefty teasing and plenty of hairspray is to thank for it.

Jisoo’s look is more of a whisper to the ’50s vibe, leaving her hair loose and long but throwing a headband into the mix. Lisa has her hair cropped and curled under, with a big pink clip to keep it neatly behind her ears. All of which can be achieved in next to no time.

And that just about sums it up! Which of the looks from the video were your favourites?

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