The definitive guide to every girl’s must-have hair tools


By Redzhanna Jazmin

The definitive guide to every girl’s must-have hair tools

There’s nothing worse than having a Pinterest-board of #hairgoals you’ll never be able to replicate. What can we say? Some of us just weren’t blessed with enough skills to get the job done. It’s always ‘beachy-waves’ this and ‘perfect blowout’ that—frankly, it’s enough to make any girl want to give up on styling her hair altogether.

That said, anything can be achieved with the right tools and enough practise. If skill isn’t the issue for you and the tool part is all you’re missing, we are here to help.

With all the options on the market, figuring out what you actually need can be a logistical nightmare. That’s why we’ve taken the time to list the definitive five hair tools you absolutely must have in your beauty stash.

Must-have #1: Hairdryer

Every girl needs a hairdryer—it’s non-negotiable. We could go on about why you shouldn’t be air drying your hair (we already did) but the TL;DR version is that the longer you’re leaving your hair wet, the more you’re damaging it.

However, it’s true that hair dryers aren’t exactly the best for your hair in terms of heat-damage, which is why it’s important that you invest in a good one. What you should be looking for is a dryer with multiple heat settings (please, please get something with a ‘cool’ setting)—this allows you to control how much damage you’re subjecting your hair to.

For the fastest dry job:

Dyson Supersonic

We can’t talk about hairdryers without mentioning the most popular one on the market right now. Gone are the days spent with your poor arms in agony; this device will have you hair bone-dry faster than ever before.

It’s actually specifically engineered to protect your lengths against extreme heat damage, with their internal studies reporting an increase in smoothness by 75 per cent, an increase in shine by 132 per cent and a decrease in frizz by up to 61 per cent.


Must-have #2: Hairdryer Brush

We know what you’re thinking: “Is that not just… a brush?”. To that, we say nay! There exists a hairbrush that combines the functions of your hairdryer and a round brush so you can get a legit blowout with just one tool.

But it’s not just blowouts that you can get with this tool—it makes easy work out of styling your bangs too! If there’s just one thing you get off this list, it should be this. Say goodbye to flat bangs and floppy hair—it’s volume, volume and volume from here on out.

For the most convenient at-home blow-out:

Drybar the Double Shot Blow-Dryer Brush

Now, you can dry your hair as you work through it with a round brush. Just remember to detangle your hair thoroughly (and gently) before styling!


Must-have #3: Straightener

Before you hit us with “I already have a straightener“, despite the name, straighteners have a wide variety of uses. You can create both super trendy S-waves and dreamy, loose curls with the right technique, making straighteners a complete must-have for any girl out there.

Best versatile straightener:

GHD Platinum+ Styler

This unique straightener is a treat for any and all hair types—created with predictive technology, the device anticipates and meets the needs of your hair. It doesn’t exceed 185ºC (a surefire way to avoid unnecessary damage) and leaves you with softer-looking lengths in no time.


For low-effort straightening:

Ikoo E-Styler Jet

If you’re always strapped for time when it comes to styling your hair, this two-in-one heated brush is perfect for you. It allows you to straighten and style large sections of your hair in a flash, and delivers heat evenly across your lengths. Three rows of heat panels align the hair, so you don’t have to worry about mid-day frizz.


Must-have #4: Curling iron

Okay, we hear you—you love having curly hair but you’re never going to figure out how to curl your hair with your straightener. Luckily, curling irons exist and they are super user-friendly; plus, you’re spoilt for choice with all the options on the market right now.

We’d recommend getting a few different barrel sizes (or just go for the multi-head tools!) so you can achieve a range of different curl sizes. Spoiler—if you’re on the lazier side, there are also curling irons that do all the work for you.

Best lazy-girl curl companion:

BaByliss Curl Secret

This nifty tool cuts your hair time down considerably, offers three curl settings and works automatically. Put a section through the curler, clamp down, watch your hair get sucked up and wait three beeps. The result? Bouncy curls that last longer, look better and take no time at all. It may be a little intimidating to use at first, but just remember to take small sections at a time and only use the device on detangled hair.


For the best beachy waves:

Beauty Works x Molly Mae Waver Limited Edition

This delectable millennial pink set is equipped with eight setting clips for neat and precise sectioning, a pretty-in-pink comb and a ceramic-coated triple-barrel hair waver—you’ll be sporting the perfect beachy waves you’ve always dreamed of in no time. It’s great for all hair lengths and types, and is ready to go in just 60 seconds.


For the best all-round styling:

Bio:Ionic NanoIonic MX 3-in-1 Styling Iron

Bio:Ionic has changed the hair game with this one—the shape of the barrel acts as a flat iron, a curling iron and a wand to allow you to create three (yes, three!) different looks. If that’s not enough, the technology behind this revolutionary tool allows you to style your hair without scorching it, thanks to Bio:Ionic’s ‘Moisturizing Heat’.


Hair tool #5: A designated dye kit

This is more of a niche for you ladies out there who like to experiment with your hair a bit more. If you’re partial to crazy hair colours and a hefty helping of bleach, there’s no need to relegate your kitchenware to your bathroom cabinet. Investing in an actual dye tool kit will cut down your plastic waste and save your fine china in the process.

For the eco-conscious out there:

Bleach London Eco-Conut Hair Dye Tool Kit

If you’re an avid bleach and dye user, this kit is a great way to reduce your plastic footprint. The dye bowl itself is made out of 100% real coconut, and the brush is manufactured to last.


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