#BuroBeauty: 3 Fuss-free hairdos you can achieve under 10 minutes


By Wei Yeen Loh

#BuroBeauty: 3 Fuss-free hairdos you can achieve under 10 minutes

Confession: I rarely spend more than five minutes on a weekday morning on my hair, and if (albeit rarely) I do, it’s only to quickly blow it dry before my everyday hairdo—which is really to make my hair look as presentable as possible i.e. a low bun with minimal flyaways.

I admit that I would rather expend my time on my makeup routine, because that smokey eye isn’t going to put itself together under five minutes; but as far as beauty resolutions go this year, I’ve vowed to find a better, more seamless way to style my hair without spending more than 10 minutes on it.

Which brings us to our latest hair tutorial video above! With the help of Deputy Editor Gwen Ong and Lifestyle Editor Rachel Au (both of whom have the loveliest locks I needed to demonstrate this tutorial with), this video’s proof that your hair can look absolutely chic without requiring a major chunk of your precious time in the AM—especially when you’re running late, which is all of us.

If you have one minute, whip your bedhead into shape

For those with shoulder-length hair that doesn’t ever listen, all you need is one styling tool that works wonders to get your sorted out under a minute. Our pick of the month is GHD Glide, a hot brush that allows you to eliminate frizz (thanks to ions within the brush) so that your hair can be styled with ease. Brush through hair and be prepared to see some seriously tamed locks.

Tip: The GHD Glide works great with digitally-permed hair as well, as proven by Gwen’s sleek ‘do above.

If you have five minutes, jazz up your everyday bun

Those who can’t bear leaving their second-day hair down because of that “greasy” feeling—we got you. When everything else fails (even your trusty dry shampoo), a low bun is your saviour and foolproof way of looking chic without taking too much time. Give it a luxe look by braiding your ends before pinning it into a bun—the perfect runway-to-real-life hairdo that us mere mortals can actually ace.

Tip: Use Schwarzkopf Bonacure Peptide Repair Rescue Nutri-Shield Serum for a sleek, shiny finish on your hair.

If you have 10 minutes, mermaid waves can be aced

Whoever said beach waves can’t be done at home has got it wrong. The trick to pulling it off lies within your technique. Using a curling iron isn’t as daunting as it seems—for this look, just remember to always turn the iron away from your face each time you twist a lock of hair. And if your curls refuse to cooperate in the right direction, clip on your prettiest hair slide and let it take some of the attention instead.

Tip: Spruce up your locks by giving it lots of volume—Rachel used Schwarzkopf Bonacure Root Activating Densifying Foam to lift strands from the root and for denser-looking tresses.


Videography: Chong Yi Suen

Hair: Juno Ko

Art direction and styling: Loh Wei Yeen

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