The female entrepreneurs behind Malaysia’s biggest beauty and wellness brands

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By Redzhanna Jazmin

The female entrepreneurs behind Malaysia’s biggest beauty and wellness brands

International Women’s Day has come and gone, but we’re not done celebrating. In honour of the occasion, we’d like to take the opportunity to spotlight some of our country’s most impressive ladies—the female entrepreneurs who are shaping the beauty and wellness industry in Malaysia.

After all, we’ve already covered the need-to-know skincare, makeup, and wellness brands in Malaysia, so why not turn the attention towards the bright minds behind them? From your favourite blow dry bar to your go-to skincare must-haves, here are all the names you need to know:


Kim May Chee, Cocodry Founder


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You’re probably already familiar with Cocodry, but in case you aren’t, here’s a crash course: The first blowdry bar in Malaysia, this salon specialises in styling services exclusively—no cuts or colours. It’s the perfect place to stop by for a mid-week refresh or a pre-event hairstyling. Founded by our August 2022 cover star, Kim May Chee, the salon is more than just a beauty hotspot—it’s home to a community that aims to uplift women professionally and personally.

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Kittie Yiyi, Kittie Yiyi Beauty


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Kittie Yiyi is best known for her eponymous fashion label, but the mogul recently made a transition to beauty entrepreneur last year. Her namesake beauty brand delivers on the same colourful, charming visuals of her fashion brand, and offers an impressive range of eyeliner and lipstick formulations.

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Chryseis Tan, Lumi Beauty


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Owned by Chryseis Tan, Lumi Beauty launched in 2020 and has only seen growth year after year. Founded on the philosophy ‘gleam before glam’, the mantra preaches that great skin prep should be the first step in any beauty routine. According to Tan, Lumi was created to “help you feel confident and beautiful in your glow”. The brand’s lineup of products includes an indulgent bakuchiol-infused moisturiser, an excellent cleanser duo and—Team BURO’s favourite—a killer Vitamin C Serum, to name a few.

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Adlina Nadirah, Velvet Vanity


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Launched in 2016, Velvet Vanity was the first brand to bridge the gap in our local market for convenient makeup products that are totally vegan and cruelty-free. Since opening its doors, the brand’s product lineup has grown considerably, now including lippies, liquid eyeshadows, liquid blush, a cult-favourite lip oil, mascara, and even sunscreen.

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Jane Chuck, Chuck’s


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Founded by local it-girl Jane Chuck (AKA Jane Lau), Chuck’s is among Malaysia’s most prolific homegrown brands, having garnered a local and global cult following thanks to its impressive lineup of beauty products. This isn’t the first time the social media influencer has launched a brand (she’s also the founder of the clothing brand Motherchuckers and co-founder of matcha cafe Hejau), but it was her first step into the beauty business outside of content creation.

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Bella Kuan, Handmade Heroes


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While the company is now based in Singapore, Handmade Heroes is co-founded by Malaysian social media influencer Bella Kuan. Specialising in natural, vegan and cruelty-free skincare products, her independent brand has received global recognition since its launch, with Emily in Paris actress Lily Collins naming the Cocolicious Luscious Lip Scrub as her go-to lip care product.

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Julie Yim, Lilin+Co


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For those looking to introduce a slice of heaven into your space, look no further than Lilin+Co. The fragrance company is a firm favourite along Malaysians, offering a range of indulgent scents to suit every occasion. The mind behind the brand is co-founder Julie Yim, who heads marketing and creative direction for the brand. Previously in the luxury journalism industry, Yim made the career jump from editor to entrepreneur in 2016 and hasn’t looked back since.

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Elena Laurel Moujing, Saltyeeth

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Not your typical beauty brand, Saltyeeth is a trailblazer in the art of tooth gems in Malaysia, bringing the trend to the mainstream in this neck of the world. The woman behind this business is none other than Elena Laurel, who is the self-proclaimed “tooth fairy” behind all the designs seen on the Saltyeeth Instagram. Her main goal is to be the one to help Malaysians push the possibilities of creative expression through tooth gems in a more accessible setting.

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Sarah Shah Nor, Cuura Skincare


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This beauty brand goes beyond shelfie-friendly packaging and a pretty Instagram feed—Cuura champions gentle, science-backed formulations that are halal, vegan, and natural. Founded by Sarah Shah Nor, who is also the behind the skincare nutrition brand Glonectar, is very involved in the brand’s marketing—spot her sharing her best skincare tips on the Cuura Instagram!

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Asma Nasa, Brush With Gigi


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Never seen without a smile (full of the pearliest whites imaginable, of course), it’s only natural that content creator Asma Nasa would launch a dental care brand. Perfect for those looking for dental care essentials that are vegan, cruelty-free and effective, Brush With Gigi is your new everyday go-to.

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Afie Rohim,


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Perfect for those hoping to adopt the coloured liner trend for themselves (or get into editorial makeup), Strangerous is best known for its gorgeous range of water-activated liners. Founded by makeup artist Afie Rohim, this independent makeup brand may be a small business, but the looks created by its avid community of makeup aficionados are bold and big as ever.

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Yana Alyahya, Confidence Cosmetics


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Launched just a few short months ago, Confidence Cosmetics is the brainchild of actress-turned-beauty-guru-turned-entrepreneur, Yana Alyahya. Though the brand is young, boasting just two products—a day moisturiser with SPF and a ceramide-rich night moisturiser—it has already garnered a loyal following.

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