East Malaysian beauty brands to keep on your radar



By Redzhanna Jazmin

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East Malaysian beauty brands to keep on your radar

Looking to switch up your beauty routine? Shop these Sabahan and Sarawakian beauty brands for your next vanity restock!

Malaysia’s beauty scene keeps on growing! You’re probably familiar with KL-based and KOL-led brands like Chuck’s, Lumi Beauty and Cuura, but have you ventured East yet? With Kaamatan and Gawai Dayak around the corner, we’re highlighting four beauty brands hailing from Borneo. 

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Whether you’re shopping for gifts or you’re just looking to support your local businesses, we’ve got you covered. From makeup to skincare to body care, find four new East Malaysian brands to keep on your radar:



Created by cosmetic chemist Aerin Gabor, this vegan Bornean brand uses local healing botanicals and marine extracts to create its efficacious skincare products, while proudly celebrating the heritage of its origins.

Its name is derived from the Kadazan-Dusun word for ‘beautiful’—which is, coincidentally how you’ll feel from the inside out once you get your mitts on its potent range of skin-loving creations.



Kie Cosmetics


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Founded by former Malaysian beauty queen and Sabahan native, Kieren Laurent, Kie Beauty is a clean beauty brand that champions ethically sourced and premium ingredients in its formulations. 

Whether it’s the brand’s satin foundation or its liquid lipstick, they’ve got you covered with everything you could need for a full face (and it comes in the cutest candy pink packaging!).



Oupus Organics


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Powered by the revered Bambangan seed—a premium Bornean ingredient that the brand has partnered with the Biotechnology Research Centre at UMS to further study—Oupus’ line of artisanal handcrafted products is made for those with sensitive and eczema-prone skin. 

In addition, the brand is a champion for sustainability, closing the loop on its production by using upcycled cooking oil to create its household detergents and introducing refillable stations at its physical store. Better yet, Oupus has worked to give back to its local community, hosting soap craft workshops to empower marginalised communities to upskill and generate income. All in all, if you’re looking for a worthy brand to support, you’ve found it.



Lon and Gin


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This fashion and beauty brand hails from Sabah, prioritising quality and sustainability in every step of its production process. By shopping, you’ll be supporting the brand’s Renaissance Fund which goes towards fighting poverty in Sabah. Lon and Gin’s beauty roster is limited but currently includes an SPF50+ PA++++, a range of organic body soaps, makeup palettes and makeup brushes.



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