Celebeauty: TWICE debuts their brand-new hair, Shia LaBeouf gets a massive tattoo for a movie


By Redzhanna Jazmin

Celebeauty: TWICE debuts their brand-new hair, Shia LaBeouf gets a massive tattoo for a movie

From Jonathan Van Ness’ big chop to Shia LaBeouf’s absolutely massive tattoo, the stars never fail to entertain. Our favourite celebs are always up to no good, and with majority of them still under lockdown conditions, we’re bound to see some heinous antics one way or another.

Check out this week’s biggest celebrity beauty headlines and gear up for some true shockers (when we say Shia’s tattoo is huge, we mean it literally covers his whole body).

This week in hair

Jonathan Van Ness cuts his famous long locks


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Our boy Jvn is the latest celeb to go short, sporting a lob in his latest snap on Instagram. Though we’re not completely convinced on the length (his long locks are too good), the Queer Eye hair guru’s ends are looking fresh as all heck, if we do say so ourselves. We’re not fretting though—hair always grows back, but ends don’t repair themselves without a regular trim. So, to those of you out there who are still yet to get a post-quarantine cut, let this serve as a sign!

TWICE gets a big hair makeover

The girl-group held their first-ever global digital concert for fans on August 9, with each member debuting a new hairdo (classic). The group then appeared again at the Soribada Awards 2020, giving us all a closer look at their killer ‘dos. The standouts are, of course, Momo’s vibrant blue hue and Johyo’s cherry red tresses, but every single one of these hair moments are strong.

Kylie Jenner debuts a chin-length bob at her 23rd birthday

The mother-of-one has given up the extensions over the lockdown period, trying get her allegedly ‘very damaged’ hair a little healthier. We don’t blame her—years of extensions and constant dye jobs was bound to take its toll eventually. Either way, the bob is a cute look and it’s certainly a big switch up from what we’re used to seeing on her. Here’s to hoping it’s here to stay (at least for a little while).

This week in makeup

Britney Spears shares a truly #nofilter snap


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The singer’s latest post consists of three of the same photo in a swipe through, with different filters applied to each photo. However, Britney makes it clear that “…. the last pic is the original …. no touch ups or filter !!!!!!!” We stan a queen who is candid about her natural beauty on social media.

The iconic singer is clearly making a statement on the perils of the many unrealistic beauty expectations perpetuated on social media. Hear us out—by posting the snap pre- and post-editing, she’s calling out and rejecting the ubiquitous notion of ‘perfection’ that is so prevalent across the platform. Is that a reach? We’ll see ourselves out.

Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s WAP music video has some iconic looks


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Can you think of a more iconic duo? Megan Thee Stallion has yet another heavily anticipated (and well-received) collaboration with none other than Cardi B herself. Though the song itself is… uh… colourful (if you know, you know), the looks are what really stole the show. With bold lips, glitter, and even a sneak peak at the new Pat McGrath Labs eyeshadow, these looks are bound to go down in beauty history.

This week in tattoos

Shia LeBeouf gets himself a huge tattoo—and it’s all for a role



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