7 Ways to style (and wear) a bob, as seen on the streets of Paris Fashion Week

7 Ways to style (and wear) a bob, as seen on the streets of Paris Fashion Week

Swish it

Text: Wei Yeen Loh

If there's one beauty lesson we can learn from the street style set this Paris Fashion Week, it's likely how you can rock your new neck-grazing hairdo with finesse.

Need some courage to opt for the chop? Know that short hair doesn't equate boring hair—style your locks in more ways than one, whether it's going for choppy bangs, dyeing your head platinum blonde, sporting layers reminiscent of a fresh-faced Winona Ryder back in the '90s, or just straightening it for a sleek mien.

Bet on bangs

The easiest way to refresh your hairdo without going a mile (or so we think)? Get a new set of bangs to frame your face beautifully. Some notable looks include blunt, heavyset bangs and wispy, layered fringe for a retro look.


Switch up the colour

From caramel balayage to gradient ends, going for a tonal change is a surefire way of commanding attention to your bob. We spotted gothic chic pin-up waves in noir—and the extreme opposite in platinum—along with popping colours including dusty blue-grey and shocking pink.


Hat trick

Worry that a little drizzle will dampen your blowout? Don't let it rain on your parade—wear a hat over your tresses to keep your hair in place. The hat list on the streets ran the gamut from bucket to floppy to pageboy to cowboy—anything goes, as long as you've got the confidence to pull it off.


Add layers

If you already have a blunt bob (and itch to try something new), ask your hairstylist to add more layers to your length for a throwback look. One of our favourites is the Blutstein sisters' lengthier flipped ends (echoing Drew Barrymore circa the late '90s)—made contemporary via a middle part.


Slick it back

An effortless way to draw attention to standout earrings, sunnies or even your impeccable makeup is to slick hair back—off-duty model style. Wear it back in a half-up, half-down look or run gel through your tresses to give it a wet look. Chic, easy, and perfect for second-day hair.


Wear it straight

You can't go wrong with a super sleek, straight bob if you ever run out of ideas on styling your hair. All you need is a flat iron and a dollop of hair serum for a healthy shine—the likes of Olivia Culpo, Tiffany Hsu and Mary Leest are walking proof that a blunt bob speaks volumes.


Play with texture

Embrace your natural hair texture or try curling your locks for added volume (and vigour). If you have natural corkscrew curls or wavy hair, use a smoothing serum to keep hair from frizzing out. But for those in need of some bounce to their limp locks, try these hair tutorials to jazz up your bob in no time.