Trend forecast: These men’s haircuts are going to dominate 2024

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By Redzhanna Jazmin

Trend forecast: These men’s haircuts are going to dominate 2024

From professional mullets to surfer chic and more, these men’s hair trends are set to take over this year.

If there was ever a time to ditch the short back and sides, it would be now. The new year is the perfect time to step outside your comfort zone and try new things. So, whether you’re beginning to take your grooming routine seriously, you’re finally doing something about your eyebags or you’re looking into getting a brand-new haircut. Don’t worry, though, we’re not just throwing you into the deep end. We’ve put together a list of the biggest hair trends predicted to rule 2024 to help you glean some inspo for your next big chop! Ahead, find the hottest hair trends for men this 2024:

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Men’s haircut #1: Professional mullets

Mullets have been on a steady trajectory upwards for a while now, but 2024’s iteration of the trend is better suited for the office. Rocked by the likes of Zac Efron and Paul Mescal, the new-gen cut screams “business in the front, cocktail party in the back”. Essentially, the edgy energy is still there, but it’s polished as opposed to rowdy. Rather than unruly locks cascading down the back of your neck, the professional mullet champions subtlety. It says: “Hey, I know how to kick it, but I also know when to behave”.


Men’s haircut #2: The Oppa


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This cut being on this list should come as no surprise—for the last few years it has ruled the mops of Asian men worldwide, and for good reason! Not only does The Oppa add much-needed texture and body to stick straight Asian locks, but it also frames the face perfectly. That said, 2024’s take on the cut is going to be a little less clean-cut for the new year and a little more versatile. We predict a move away from the pressure of having to get a classic K-perm to simply rocking naturally straight hair textures (think Dean from Gilmore Girls circa season two!). Plus, we’re likely to see the cut incorporating more mullet-y elements, with shaggier layers and a little overgrowth at the nape of the neck!


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Men’s haircut #3: Mid-length locks

We’re seeing a big shift in attitudes towards men with long hair. You see, the pandemic had every other fella and three of his friends growing their locks out long with no consideration for their shape or condition. Now, we’re seeing men realise that wearing the same dead ponytail day in and day out is tired and boring. Ergo, said men are heading to the salon for a big shape-up, getting rid of their dead ends and adding some layers for much-needed body. That’s why mid-length styles are set to be red-hot this year, whether they’re pushed forward or slicked behind the ears.

PS: Look out for a big surge in cute clips and headbands on your boys too—they’ve got to keep their hair out of their faces at mealtimes somehow!


Men’s haircut #4: Surfer texture

With longer hair coming en vogue again, we also predict a big resurgence in surfer style—that means lots of texturising salt spray and more infrequent washes for that true-to-culture, “surf’s up” vibe.


Men’s haircut #5: The undercut

If you’re really set on your regular short back and sides cut but you’re looking for a way to update it for the new year, this is a trend you may want to heed. You heard it here first—undercuts are back and bigger than ever! We’ll be seeing the style cropping up in myriad ways this year, all of which are looking to be more playful than professional. From sleaze-chic, campy mops to textured mohawks and more, the undercut is a versatile take on a classic.


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