Men’s Grooming Day: Everything you need to step up your grooming routine

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By Redzhanna Jazmin

Men’s Grooming Day: Everything you need to step up your grooming routine

PSA: Today is Men’s Grooming Day! To celebrate the occasion, we’ve rounded up all the grooming essentials you need to shop ahead.

If there was any time to step up your grooming game, now would be it. It’s time to ditch the sloppy styling choices and juvenile rituals and start taking your grooming routine seriously. Why? For the sake of your own well-being, of course!

We’re not saying you have to adopt a 10-step skincare routine and start manscaping, but a little TLC in your life is good for both your soul and your body.

Now, the grooming space can be a little hard to navigate, especially with the recent boom in the industry, so we’ve taken the liberty of compiling a guide to help you get started on greener pastures.

From fragrance to shaving to skincare and beyond, find our easy guide to upgrading your grooming routine.


For smooth skin that won’t quit

When it comes to skincare, you really only need three products: Cleanser, moisturiser and SPF. Once you’ve made your simple routine into a habit, you can then explore extra steps like serum, toner, essence and oils. That said, we’ve all got to start somewhere—to help you kickstart your skincare journey, we’ve curated our favourite starter kits:


For a good hair day, every day


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Gone are the days of sticky-up pineapple hair and unruly mops. The biggest favour you can do for yourself is to adopt a hair routine fitting for an adult—frills and all. Once you’ve got a good haircut, it’s time to get the goods to style it right:

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For a new signature scent

If you’re going to be turning heads because of the way you smell, you’d better make sure it’s in a good way. That’s why we’ve rounded up some of our favourite fragrances.

Whether you’re looking for a fresh and fruity scent like Coach Green, a zesty, powdery citrus fragrance like Carolina Herrera’s Bad Boy Extreme, a seductive perfume like Jean Paul Gaultier’s Le Male Elixir Parfum or a more woody fragrance like Rabanne’s 1 Million Royal EDP, we’ve got you covered.


For a more sculpted face

Coveting a sharper jawline or more chiselled cheeks? Us too, buddy. Fortunately, there’s a tool out there for you! From sophisticated gua sha tools to high-tech microcurrent devices, it’s time to incorporate some facial massages into your grooming routine.


For neater nails

What’s your biggest ick? If you ask us, it’s dirty, grubby, crusty nails. Believe it or not, you don’t have to invest lots of moola into mani-pedi appointments to keep your hands and feet neat and tidy (though we will admit that it makes the whole process a lot more convenient). All you need is generally good hand-washing decorum, a nail clipper, an optional nail file and some hand or foot cream and you’re set.


For a clean shave

When it comes to shaving, investing in the right tools is key. After all, your shave is only as good as your razor!

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Our personal picks include safety razors or electric trimmers, and great skin prep and aftercare to complement them.

For a subtle pick-me-up


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Sometimes skincare isn’t enough—whether you’re hoping to cover up a few blemishes, brighten up dark undereyes or keep unruly brows under control, a little makeup can go a long way in elevating your natural good looks.

It doesn’t have to be complicated, either—we’ve put together an easy and virtually undetectable makeup guide to polish up your everyday look. PS: It’ll take just five minutes of your day and minimal effort.

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