Manscaping 101: The dos and don’ts, according to Nateskin’s founder Jared Chuah

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By Redzhanna Jazmin

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Manscaping 101: The dos and don’ts, according to Nateskin’s founder Jared Chuah

From why you should start manscaping to the best tried-and-tested tips for the perfect shave, here’s our expert-backed guide to body grooming.

Just two short years ago, mid-pandemic, Jared Chuah encountered an ad for men’s laser hair removal at a Melbourne airport. The tagline? “Make your PP look bigger with this PP laser”. As expected, the cheeky ad left an impression on Chuah, and would eventually inspire him to look into similar services in Malaysia.

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He found that while these services existed in Malaysia, laser and waxing salons were not as common as they were in Australia. That, and manscaping services were still taboo for Malaysian men. On top of that, the ongoing MCO at the time meant that any grooming services were off-limits.

And so, in November of 2021, Nateskin was launched. The idea was to introduce a personal grooming device to the Malaysian market that men could use in the privacy and comfort of their own homes.

Two years on, business is booming and mission manscape is well underway. So, if you’re looking to get grooming, we’ve spoken to the pro himself to glean his best tips for the perfect manscaping routine. Find the full guide ahead.

Pictured: Nateskin founder Jared Chuah


Why should you manscape?

Chuah asserts that while it’s not necessary, manscaping is a practice that should be on your radar. “Funnily enough, when I first launched Nateskin, the main feedback I got from a lot of men was, ‘Wait, we need to shave down below?’,” he recalls. “Here’s the thing, you don’t need to, but you certainly can! Manscaping is all about feeling comfortable and confident in your own skin—not conforming to anyone else’s standards.”

“So, don’t hesitate to explore and discover what suits you best, whether it’s a clean shave, a bit of trimming, or anything in between,” he continues. “Remember, it’s not just body and facial hair too; don’t neglect the details, like those nose hairs. Taking pride in your appearance and self-care means addressing all aspects of your grooming routine!”

Of course, manscaping as a grooming practice also offers a wide array of benefits, according to Chuah:

Benefit #1: Enhances overall appearance

“If you rock the scruffy look, by all means—go for it. But personally, there’s just something about looking sharp and clean that just starts my day right.”


Benefit #2: Boosts self-confidence

“Manscaping your body delivers a polished image on your face, body, or intimate areas.”


Benefit #3: Improved comfort

“Manscaping increases your personal comfort by reducing friction and itching caused by trapped hair in clothing. Plus, it helps to reduce sweating and gives you more of a fresh feeling. Overall, you just feel cleaner in general.”


Manscaping 101

Getting started:

Chuah has sage advice for newbies: take it slow and learn about your body as you go. “A great place to start is by investing in the right tools,” he explains. “While any old razor blade can get the job done, it might not be optimised for your comfort. For newbies, I’d recommend the Nateskin Bush Trimmer 2.0. It’s designed with your safety and effectiveness in mind, offering a straightforward approach without compromising on comfort and safety.”


The dos and don’ts of manscaping:

From reducing irritation to putting yourself in the right headspace, Chuah has detailed his best tips for getting the perfect groom below:


  1. Take a warm shower to open up your pores: “A warm relaxing shower before manscaping opens up your pores, reducing hair trapping and ensuring a smoother experience. Trust me, this makes a huge difference.”
  2. Shave in the direction of hair growth: “Whether using a razor or the Nateskin Bush Trimmer 2.0, I’ve found that shaving in the direction of hair growth minimises irritation and discomfort.”
  3. Moisturise after shaving: “Applying moisturiser or aftershave post-shave soothes the skin, preventing irritation and keeping it soft.”
  4. Wear breathable underwear for added comfort: “I always opt for breathable fabrics like cotton, silk or even bamboo for post-shave comfort, preventing irritation and maintaining a fresh feeling.”


  • Rush the process, especially in sensitive areas: “I’ve learned that rushing your manscaping routine, especially in sensitive areas, can lead to mistakes and discomfort,” says Chuah. “Find a calm, distraction-free space and enjoy the process.”
  • Improper tool maintenance: “I can’t stress this point enough. Whether you’re using a traditional razor or a shaver, it is very important to clean your tools after each use,” he emphasises. “Trust me—you don’t want to cross-contaminate tools, either! Do you really want to have bacteria from your jewels all over your face?”
  • Apply excessive pressure: “In this case, less is better. I’ve found that excessive pressure during shaving can irritate the skin. Applying gentle, even pressure and allowing the tool to glide smoothly is the secret to a comfortable and effective grooming experience.”

For those who prefer to go the waxing or laser route instead, there’s just one thing to keep in mind: “Don’t be nervous, or shy,” Chuah encourages. “The beautician polishing your crown jewels is a professional—just think of it as your dentist checking your teeth!”


Jared Chuah’s manscaping essentials:

Essential #1: Nateskin Bush Trimmer 2.0

“It’s safe, efficient, and 100 per cent waterproof so you can use it while you shower. Plus, it has a handy LCD battery display so you can keep track of your battery life without it dying on you mid-shave.”



Essential #2: Nateskin Face Shaver

“The ultimate tool if you’re looking for that polished, smooth skin finish. Its credit card-sized design means you can carry it along with you everywhere you go. With the finish it gives you? Trust me—it’s never leaving your sight.”



Essential #3: A water-based moisturiser

Image: Pexels/Ron Lach

“It’s probably my moist used product. An essential after shaving.”

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Essential #4: SPF

“Fellas, sunscreen is essential even if you’re not under direct sunlight, especially in today’s climate.”

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Essential #5: A signature scent

“My favourite scent is Le Labo’s Santal 33.”

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