Here’s where you can escape to in Southeast Asia for a romantic getaway


By Rachel Au

Here’s where you can escape to in Southeast Asia for a romantic getaway

It’s the time for many things: Clearing your leave days, spending quality time with a loved one, travelling, you name it. If you’re planning to combine all three things we just mentioned, this listicle might help give you some ideas. While ski resorts are great, Hawaii is obviously ideal for many reasons and Malaysia alone has several romantic getaway spots, it’ll be nice to go somewhere a little further—but not too far—and hence, this roundup of a few romantic spots in Southeast Asia alone. #guaranteednojetlag

1. Song Saa Private Island, Cambodia

It’s not known as the ‘The Sweethearts’ for nothing. Song Saa makes for a genuine escapade considering it takes one hour to get there across the sea by speedboat. However, fret not, all your usual luxury comforts will be at hand, and that includes WiFi. But what you’re really there for is the view, the nature and the variety of activities you could do there, be it the adventurous kind (water sports, anyone?) or the relaxing type (spa or chilling by the private pool in your villa?).

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2. Amankila, Bali

Aman’s properties are known to be absolutely breathtaking. Bali is often known as a paradise. Combine the two and you get Amankila, a remote east coast hideaway on a hilltop that overlooks the Lombok Strait. Choose to stay in and enjoy the free-standing Suite amid the treetops; indulge in the resort’s facilities; or head out for water sports or private tours.

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3. Trisara, Phuket

Somewhere over in Phuket sits an award-winning luxury beachfront resort that recently unveiled newly remodelled spaces and reimagined experiences—which gives you a great reason to visit. Among these latest updates are renovated oceanfront villas, private beach cabanas (complete with beach butlers) and new biking trails. Fun fact: Trisara means “The Garden in The Third Heaven” in Sanskrit. ‘Nuff said.

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4. Eastern & Oriental Express, Kuala Lumpur—Bangkok

For something truly out of the box, why not hop aboard the Orient Express—or in this case, the Eastern & Oriental Express. The train runs from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur to Bangkok, passing by towns and scenery you’d typically not see. The exterior of the train, the quaint furnishings within, and the exotic cuisine served in the dining cars all add up to a one-of-a-kind experience but best of all, the beginning of each day marks a new excursion off the train to discover the region’s secrets.

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5. Luxurious and private holiday villa via Airbnb, Sabah

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In the event that you really want to hang around Malaysia, why not consider somewhere closer to home yet still requires jumping on the plane? Sabah is a gorgeous place that, surprisingly, not every Malaysian has been to. And who says romantic getaways only entail a couple? This luxurious Airbnb in Kudat can accommodate up to nine guests (so maybe a quadruple date) and features an 18-metre long infinity pool as well as a pathway that leads to the beach.

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