10 Must-have travel gadgets that will make your next long-haul flight a breeze

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By Adrianna Haris

Edited by: Amanda Fung | Featured Images: Twelve South | Apple | @nintendoswitcheurope / Instagram
10 Must-have travel gadgets that will make your next long-haul flight a breeze

Prepping for and making it through a long-haul flight—whether for business or pleasure—can be quite challenging. The prospect of spending hours in transit and confined to tight spaces with no internet access can make even the most seasoned of travellers uneasy. However, those hours can be filled with productivity, relaxation, and entertainment with the right travel gadgets. Whether it’s to stay organised or safeguard your belongings, equip yourself with these tech essentials to ensure a smooth journey.


1. Apple AirTag

BURO Malaysia travel gadgets

Never lose your luggage again with the Apple AirTag. This small, coin-sized device can be placed in (or attached to) your suitcase, backpack, or any other valuable item. With the Find My app on your iPhone, you can easily track its location from wherever you are, so you’ll have peace of mind during your journey. With that, you’ll also have eyes on your valuables if they get misplaced. It utilises Ultra Wideband technology, offering accurate directions and distances to your lost items. Not to mention, you can even personalise your AirTags with text or an emoji!

Price: From RM149

Availability: Purchase on the official Apple website, the Apple Store at The Exchange TRX, or at authorised retailers.


2. Sonos Ace

BURO Malaysia travel gadget
Photo: @sonos/Instagram

The Sonos Ace headphones ensure you don’t have to compromise on sound quality or style while on the go. With a compact design that easily fits into your carry-on, it delivers hyperrealistic surround sound that enhances your overall listening experience. Whether you’re enjoying new music, podcasts, or audiobooks during layovers or in your hotel room, you’re guaranteed crisp and clear audio. On top of its 10-hour battery life, the headphones also recharge incredibly quickly so you can get back to listening in no time. 

Price: RM2,299

Availability: Purchase on the official Sonos website or find a store here.


3. Bellroy Tech Kit

BURO Malaysia travel gadget

Though not exactly a travel gadget, the Bellroy Tech Kit will help keep your tech organised. This sleek and compact case has designated compartments for all your different cables and chargers, preventing tangled wires while storing everything in one place. It features stretchy mesh pockets, elastic loops, and a water-resistant zip to ensure your tech stays safe from spills during your flight. 

Price: RM299

Availability: Purchase on the official Bellroy website or at any Bellroy boutique


4. Nintendo Switch Lite

BURO Malaysia travel gadget
Photo: @nintendoswitcheurope/Instagram

Entertainment is key on long-haul flights, so having a Nintendo Switch Lite with you is sure to add some fun to your journey. More compact and lightweight than its full-sized sibling, this is the ultimate travel gadget to have when you need some gameplay, whether you’re waiting at the gate or cruising at 39,000 feet. It features a 5.5-inch screen and offers up to 9 hours of battery life. For those travelling with a companion, consider upgrading to the full-sized Nintendo Switch so you can take advantage of its multiplayer capabilities! 

Price: RM1,288

Availability: Purchase from the official Nintendo store on Shopee.


5. Apple iPad Air

BURO Malaysia travel gadget

Apple’s iPad Air is your all-in-one device for entertainment, work, and communication. Its lightweight design and powerful performance are ideal for watching movies, reading eBooks, or catching up on work. With a range of apps available, the tablet will keep you occupied for hours, hopefully making any long-haul flight feel shorter.

Price: From RM2,999

Availability: Purchase on the official Apple website, the Apple Store at The Exchange TRX, or at authorised retailers


6. Anker 735 Prime Power Bank 

BURO Malaysia travel gadget

When it comes to portable chargers, there are different configurations and sizes to choose from to fit your tech gadgets—from compact iPhone chargers to more powerful options for your laptop. The Anker 735 offers the perfect middle ground. With a 20,000mAh capacity, it can charge your headphones, tablet, and other devices simultaneously. Its smart digital display and dual USB-C ports make it versatile and user-friendly for your charging needs on the go.

Price: RM1,995

Availability: Purchase from the official Anker store on Lazada


7. Amazon Kindle

BURO Malaysia travel gadget
Photo: @amazonkindle and @amazonbooks/Instagram

For bookworms, a Kindle is a must-have travel gadget. Its e-ink display mimics the look of real paper and reduces eye strain when the lights go dark in the cabin. With the ability to store thousands of books, you’ll have a packed library at your fingertips, making it the perfect companion for long journeys. Its lightweight design and long battery life mean you can read comfortably for hours without needing a recharge. 

Price: RM699

Availability: Purchase from Kindle Malaysia or on Amazon’s official website


8. Twelve South AirFly Pro Bluetooth Transmitter 

BURO Malaysia travel gadget

Gone are the days of having to use the airlines’ headphones. With the Twelve South AirFly Pro, you’ll be able to access your in-flight entertainment with your own wireless headphones or earphones. Simply plug the device into the headphone jack and pair it with your earphones of choice. This small yet useful device ensures you can enjoy high-quality audio with the comfort of your own gadget. It can also connect to multiple sets of headphones, so you can watch your chosen shows with a travel companion! 

Price: RM249.95

Availability: Purchase from Apple’s official website or Twelve South’s website.   


9. Osim uMask Eye Massager

BURO Malaysia travel gadget

Combat in-flight fatigue with the Osim uMask Eye Massager. This innovative gadget uses gentle vibrations and soothing heat to relax your eye area, reducing strain and promoting better sleep. It’s lightweight and portable, making it easy to use whether you’re on a long-haul flight or a redeye. Not only will you be able to get in some restful shuteye, but you’ll also be arriving at your destination refreshed and ready to go! 

Price: RM188

Availability: Purchase on Osim’s official website or find a store here.


10. Crossing World Travel Adapter 

BURO Malaysia travel gadget

The Crossing World Travel Adapter is one of the most essential travel gadgets for your international trips. With its universal plug design and multiple USB ports, you can charge all your tech wherever you are in the world, regardless of voltage values. Its 65W power output ensures that your laptop, tablet, and other devices can be charged quickly and efficiently.

Price: RM279

Availability: Purchase from The Planet Traveller’s website or at any of its boutiques



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