Apple unveils the revolutionary M4 chip alongside the slimmest iPad Pro in history

Apple unveils the revolutionary M4 chip alongside the slimmest iPad Pro in history

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By Sarah Hani Jamil

Images courtesy of Apple

On the sunny afternoon of Tuesday, May 7th, the historic Battersea Power Station—home to Apple’s London headquarters—ushered in a significant moment in the tech giant’s journey in the UK. Within its bustling ground hall, anticipation was palpable as journalists and distinguished guests from over 30 countries, including renowned tech personalities like Supersaf, The Tech Chap, and Malaysia’s very own Smashpop, eagerly awaited the event’s commencement.

Appearing on the big screen, John Ternus, Senior Vice President of Hardware Engineering at Apple, set the tone for the day with his keynote address. Dubbed the most significant day in the history of the iPad, his announcement marked a pivotal moment in tech innovation, sending waves of excitement through the audience. Here’s a recap of what you missed.


iPad Pro

As anticipated, the new iPad Pros have made their debut, now offered in 11-inch and 13-inch models. Elevating portability to the next level with their sleek design, they claim the title of the thinnest Apple products ever in the company’s diverse portfolio of devices. Remarkably, they are declared to be even thinner than the iPod Nano, yet they maintain the iPad Pro’s signature strength and high performance. Measuring just 5.1mm thin for the 11-inch model and even slimmer at 5.1mm for the 13-inch variant, we had the privilege of firsthand experience at the headquarters, where the difference proved both significant and impressive.

Additionally, they boast the stunning Ultra Retina XDR display, comprising two OLED panels—dubbed the tandem OLED—which are a new addition to the iPad lineup, offering remarkable visual performance. Details and shadows are rendered with stunning precision. Furthermore, there’s the option of nano-texture glass, which helps maintain image quality and contrast while reducing glare. On top of that, the camera system has naturally been updated, featuring four studio-quality microphones and a 12MP back camera that captures Smart HDR images and videos with even better colour, even in low light conditions.


M4 chip

The most surprising revelation of the day, catching many off guard, was the announcement of the M4 chip, which elicited audible gasps from the audience upon its mention. Considering that the M3-series chips was only introduced last October—just seven months ago—the unveiling of the M4 marks a remarkably swift advancement. Set to be integrated into the new iPad Pros, this chip represents a significant leap in performance, especially considering that the previous iPad Pro operated on an M2 chip. The M4 boasts outrageously powerful capabilities for AI processing, surpassing any previous processing unit in terms of sheer potency. Additionally, it offers improved thermal performance in the iPad Pro, delivering a notable 20 per cent speed increase and rendering processes ten times faster than the original iPad Pro.


iPad Air

The redesigned iPad Air comes in two sizes—11-inch and the all-new 13-inch—providing users with 30 per cent more screen space for enhanced app usage and multitasking. With the integration of the M2 chip, it boasts a remarkable 50 per cent increase in speed compared to its predecessor, delivering three times faster performance. The device features a brilliant Liquid Retina display, offering vibrant visuals, alongside great AI capabilities that facilitate powerful learning experiences. 

Another notable enhancement is the front-facing ultra-wide 12MP camera, strategically positioned on the landscape edge, ensuring a natural FaceTime experience for iPad users. Additionally, landscape stereo speakers enhance the audio experience, providing double the bass for even better sound quality. Users can choose from four stylish colours—blue, purple, starlight, and space grey—adding a touch of personalisation to their device.


Apple Pencil Pro

One of the standout launches of the day is the all-new Apple Pencil Pro, poised to become an indispensable tool for artists and creators who rely on a stylus in their daily workflow. It introduces a new sensor in the barrel, enabling innovative interactions such as a user’s squeeze to summon a tool palette. Rotating the barrel adjusts the orientation of the shaped pen and brush tools, mimicking the natural feel of pen and paper. With Apple Pencil hover, users can visualise the exact orientation of a tool before making a mark.

Overall, it offers precise control over the tools you’re using. A particularly convenient feature is its support for the Find My feature, allowing you to locate your pen with ease. Furthermore, it pairs, charges, and securely stores magnetically on the side of the iPad, ensuring seamless integration into your creative process.

All in all, it was an exciting launch with a lot to unpack. Check out the first impressions of the new releases below:



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