Nana Mohd on leading her own Today at Apple session at the new Apple The Exchange TRX

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By Jolin Lee

Nana Mohd on leading her own Today at Apple session at the new Apple The Exchange TRX

In case you missed the big news, Malaysia is about to welcome its first Apple store at The Exchange TRX in Kuala Lumpur. The grand opening is set for June 22, 2024, at 10 AM (mark your calendars!). As we eagerly anticipate the opening event, we spoke with fitness influencer and Apple enthusiast, Nana Mohd. 

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Nana will be hosting her own Today at Apple session as part of the store’s ‘Jom Discover series’ and we can’t think of anyone more excited than she is for this milestone. When asked about how she feels about the Apple store finally opening in Malaysia, she expressed with much enthusiasm: “I was just so excited when I found out that they were opening here. We’ve been waiting for the Apple Store to open in Malaysia and to have it now, it’s like YES!”.

“I can’t wait for Malaysians to visit and explore. It’s a completely different experience (as compared to going to a distributor) and you can only get it here as they have wonderful tips and tricks on how to use your Apple devices. And of course, Today at Apple sessions for everyone, not just mine but everyone else’s”, she added.

Today at Apple features exclusive workshops and programs led by Apple Creatives. These in-store sessions are free for all to attend, giving everyone a hands-on opportunity to experience and learn more about Apple and its products.

We dived further into Nana’s Today at Apple session on what to expect and how she stayed physically motivated through various stages of her life, with Apple. Stay until the end of the article to find out how you can sign up for Nana’s Today at Apple session!

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1. How excited are you for hosting your very own Today at Apple session? Tell us how you feel and what your session will entail!

When I first heard about the news, I screamed with excitement, but I was also petrified at the same time! I’m an emcee/host but stage fright is something that I’m also working on. So when it hit me, it’s like OK but I’m still incredibly excited for this.

My session will primarily focus on helping them fall in love with fitness, or deepen their existing passion and also provide better insights into their health. I’ll be incorporating what I’ve learned throughout the years and hopefully be able to answer their questions on whether they’re going through something or unsure where to begin. I’ll also share how they can integrate it with Apple Watch as I learned a lot from both the watch and Fitness+. It’s really going to be an amazing session.


2. Can you tell us about your fitness journey and how it evolved?

Since I was young, I’ve been exposed to fitness activities thanks to my mom, and thanks to that I always prioritised being active. My family, including my sisters, has consistently encouraged me to explore new things. When I picked up strength training at the age of 26, I was a little self-consciousI wanted to alter my body which I know is not healthy for us. As I dived deeper into nutrition, I got a better insight into what is good and what works for my body. I grew a sense of deeper connection and understood that my body requires different things. COVID, especially was a strange time for all of us but it was the perfect time for me to implement holistic teachings, training intuitively, listening to my body and how to move forward and also inspire others to do the same. In my opinion as a coach and an influencer, people need to have this awareness and train according to how they feel intuitively so that they are healthier.

Another reason would be that my joints can’t take heavyweights anymore (laughs).


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3. As a fitness and wellness influencer, how do you leverage your platform to encourage others to embrace a healthier lifestyle?

I’ve always been honest when it comes to my journey. I learned so much from my coach in Australia that I wanted to share the same, whether it is strength training, workout tutorials or just education. Being honest is the key because it’ll feel as if I’m lying to others and not being truthful. I want them to feel seen, heard, and also relatable because I want to share both my accomplishments and things I struggle with, for example, yoga poses (laughs).

People may wonder, “Hey you’re not sharing as much as before, why is that? Why do I still follow you?”. My genuine supporters would know what’s going on and it’s just that I’m currently prioritising my education. Give me room (and time) on this rebranding, when I have a clearer path on where I want to be and I’m going to inspire others.

Even though I’ve been a little quiet on social media, the reason is that I’ve been dedicating my time to learning more, specifically in holistic nutrition.


4. How do you integrate technology, such as the Apple Watch Ultra 2 into your fitness routine and what advice would you give to someone who is considering doing the same?

Generally, I’ve been tracking my workouts and monitoring my heart rate with the Apple Watch. However, the Mindfulness app has been a gem for me in the past few years. It keeps me ‘zen’ and taught me to stay still, centred and focus on myself. It sparked a deeper interest in terms of learning how to breathe properly. It changed my life. I’ve also learned meditation techniques using the app—such as setting intentions, redirecting focus, and adjusting my outlook based on how I feel each day. Personally, it’s challenging for me to keep my mind still because I’m constantly thinking about 20 different things at once. I appreciate the real-time feedback, especially since my heart rate has been a bit irregular post-COVID. Being self-aware and using this information can help you stay centred and focused.

The Apple Watch is a very powerful tool. You’ll also be able to utilise not just fitness and mindfulness apps, but you can also key data like your menstrual cycles and health concerns so you can predict what to do next by just having all of this data that I keyed in myself.



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5. How do you maintain motivation and accountability in your fitness journey?

I have social anxiety; fear of being judged. I have friends and family who always encourage me to try new things. Sure, they make fun if I don’t do it right but I know they do it out of love which is why I don’t stop. However, Fitness+ has also kept me motivated and I love that I can do it at home without fear of being judged and still get a good workout. It’s also because of apps such as these that I get to use it as a platform and tool for self-love, allowing me to embrace my vulnerability and stay accountable as well.

I may not be a fanatic at closing the rings, because I’m not a competitive person and I do things on my own. I am a very chill person (laughs) and I’ll do so more intuitively. For example, if today I feel that my emotions are a little haywire or I’m stressed out about something, I’ll change to do something slower like yoga or breathwork meditation and if I have the time to go to the gym, sure. This has also taught me how to be a great coach to my clients where I can alter my programme according to their needs or headspace.


6. Looking ahead, how do you envision the role of technology with Apple in the future of fitness?

I would like to see advancements in more ‘wearable technology’. Maybe instead of a watch, it could be a ring? (laughs) It would be more comfortable to wear that instead of a watch that might get caught in things and the ring, or tiny bangle, would be able to track my sleep.

Another would be to create an even more personalised fitness experience. Imagine your workout programme tailored to external factors such as body stress, menstrual cycle, heart rate, and even body temperature. It gathers all your data and then suggests activities based on that, whether you should be doing a more zen-like activity or a HIIT workout if you are active today.

Enhanced VR workouts would be great too! Wearing those tech goggles to work out could be a little suffocating and may cause headaches. Just imagine having a VR coach right in front of you, with your personalised workout routine that doesn’t come from a headset but is integrated into Apple devices (laughs) that you can easily use and accessible to everyone. That would be a dream!

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