5 Full-body stretching exercises to practice while you work from home

5 Full-body stretching exercises to practice while you work from home

Get it limber

Text: Liyana Zamzuri

Image: Instagram/gaiam
Image: Instagram/gisele

Racked up a major backache from sitting all day? Here's how you can stretch your muscles out

Still working from home during CMCO period? You may not have the best (and most ergonomic) work station setup, especially if you're experiencing backaches, wrist cramps and the like. 

Screen time levels are at an all-time high due COVID-19 outbreak, meaning excessive typing and constant peering down at your digital devices. It's important to incorporate some simple stretches into your daily routine—trust us, you do not need any additional stress from the results of questionable work/sitting postures during times like these.

Here are five stretches that you can practice at home to relieve your muscles:

Desk stretch

This is perfect for people who tend to not move a muscle while working from their desk, and those who spend hours staying put in one position. Work up a stretch at your desk to decrease tightness and resistance in your muscles and tendons—all without stepping away from your workspace.

Downward dog stretch

This pose isn't just for yoga enthusiasts—it is the ultimate rejuvenating body stretch that's perfect if you've been glued at your laptop for far too long, or if you're feeling some tightness in your hamstrings and upper back. Besides that, this stretch is also great for strengthening the arms and core. If you have recurring shoulder or back pain, do not do the full version, please try the modified version.

Fun fact: This pose relieves headache, insomnia, fatigue and improves digestion. The flow of blood to the brain calms your nervous system, improves memory and relieves tension in your body.

Wrist, hand & finger stretch

Working long hours on your laptop every day can seriously strain your wrists, hands, and fingers. The repetitive motions can lead to all sorts of aches and pains that can impact your functioning at work, leaving you with weak joints in the long run. These stretches can increase flexibility and help lower the risk of injury.

Pigeon stretch

Widely known as the pigeon pose to many, this stretch is essential to open up the hip joints. When in a tight position, these muscles can put heaps of pressure to the nerves, causing pain in the hip and down your leg. This stretch also helps to improve overall suppleness.

Forward fold stretch

Some people can effortlessly reach their toes while others feel like they can barely reach their feet. But don't worry about not being able to touch your toes—try your best within your body's limits and constantly practice this stretch to improve your flexibility. Forward folds release tension in the neck, upper back and lower back, soothing the nervous system at the same time.

Although stretching is a relatively simple (and beneficial) thing to do, it is often overlooked. We hope that you can add this to your daily routine as we continuously learn how to become accustomed to new norms of living during this period of uncertainty.

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