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16 Places to get burnt cheesecake in KL


By Ronn Tan

16 Places to get burnt cheesecake in KL

How has the MCO been for you so far? With the Movement Control Order extended until 28 April 2020 and the CMCO until 9 June 2020, it will be some time before normalcy returns. Delivery services by restaurants and cafes in KL are no longer a rarity during the self-isolation period—with more establishments joining the already extensive list. All with one aim: to provide Malaysians with good food while they stay at home. It’s a tough time for everyone so it’s heartwarming to see Malaysians working as a collective to flatten the curve; including showing showing our appreciation for the heroic frontliners.

While you’re at home, there are so many things you can do—from watching live streams by your favourite musicians to checking out virtual walking tours to cooking. In addition to ordering ready-to-cook food kits, you can also order burnt cheesecakes (we have a recipe here if you’d like to try baking one yourself). The following bakeries and cafes in KL are delivering this popular cheesy paradise:

*All prices and details are correct at the time of publishing*

1. M Cake Boutique

This cake shop’s burnt cheesecake is made with the following main ingredients: Philadelphia cream cheese, French imported dairy cream, eggs, flour, and vanilla. There are three size options to choose from—six-inch (six to eight pax), eight-inch (10 to 15 pax), and nine-inch (12 to 20 pax).

Price: RM100+

Contact: 012 3123 119

Order: Here

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2. Ennoble by Elevete (Cake Together)

Ennoble by Elevete’s nine-inch burnt cheesecake is made with cream cheese, sugar, flour, and eggs. On the outside, you have a toasted crust and on the inside, you get creamy cheese filling. This cake can accommodate 12 to 15 servings.

Price: RM145+

Contact: 012 675 7358

Order: Here

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3. Kohi Yatta

You will be able to get two 10.5-inch options here—the regular burnt cheesecake and the matcha version. Always make sure to place your order two days before the date you’d like your cake to be delivered. When placing your order, include the following details: your name, contact number, delivery date, delivery address, and your order choices. Banking details will be provided upon confirmation.

Price: RM170+ (Burnt Cheesecake); RM185+ (Matcha Burnt Cheesecake)

Contact: 012 250 7281 (WhatsApp to place order)

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4. Wondermilk

Available in the eight-inch version, Wondermilk’s burnt cheesecake is said to feature a beautiful caramelised top and a velvety smooth centre. Make sure to place your order at least four days before the date of delivery.

Price: RM132.50+

Contact: 019 261 4016 (Delivery Team); 03 7733 6101 (Customer Service)

Order: Here

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5. Neighbour’s Coffee Bar

The cafe’s burnt cheesecake is available for delivery in slices. You can pre-order if you prefer a whole cake instead. You can either order through the link below or contact the number provided, if you are not under the delivery coverage.

Price: RM15+ per slice

Contact: 012 2387 185 (WhatsApp)

Order: Here

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6. Huckleberry Food and Fare

The popular Huckleberry Burnt Cheesecake is also available for delivery during MCO. You can get it by slices or opt for a nine-inch whole cake. Make sure to order a day in advance. The burnt cheesecake is made with French cream cheese and organic eggs—with a slightly burnt crust and a creamy brulee centre.

Price: RM212+

Contact: 017 239 9264 (Damansara Heights); 016 901 2682 (Bangsar Shopping Centre)

Order: Here

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7. Littlepeople

You can get three variations here—the original, matcha, and hojicha. Perfect if you’re thinking of trying something different. Littlepeople’s burnt cheesecakes are available by slices.

Price: RM15 per slice (Original); RM17 per slice (Matcha Burnt Cheesecake and Hojicha Burnt Cheesecake)

Contact: 016 669 2030

Order: Here

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8. Miru Dessert Cafe

You can get the Japanese Burnt Cheesecake, Belgian Chocolate Burnt Cheesecake, or Matcha Burnt Cheesecake from Miru Dessert Cafe. Make sure to place your orders at least two days before the delivery date.

Price: RM135+

Contact: 018 2451534

Order: Here

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9. Hands On Workshop (H.O.W)

Baked fresh daily, H.O.W’s signature burnt cheesecake comes in a 6-inch serving. To place an order, contact the number provided below.

Price: RM65+

Contact: 012 231 3303 (WhatsApp)

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10. Oh Cha Matcha (OCMC)

The specialty matcha parlour is also delivering burnt cheesecake during MCO—both the original and matcha versions. You can order by visiting the link provided below.

Price: RM12 per slice

Contact: 03 7732 0397

Order: Here

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11. Soft Launch Cafe

This popular cafe in Sri Petaling is delivering their burnt cheesecake in a five-inch serving through GrabFood. If you prefer to pick up yourself, contact the numbers provided below to order—with your name, order choice, pick up time, and contact. Make sure to pre-order a day in advance. Payment can be made through Online Transfer, Credit Card, or Maybank QR. Oh, you can also slide into their DM!

Price: RM65

Contact: 012 919 9650 (Chelsea); 018 661 6800 (Jessy)

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12. JY Food Lab

If you’re thinking of getting Keto Burnt Cheesecake, you’ve come to the right place. There are two size options—six-inch and eight-inch. Order by contacting the number provided below.

Price: RM150 (six-inch); RM170 (eight-inch)

Contact: 012 8473 689

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13. Nippori

This Japanese cafe is also serving its signature Hokkaido Burnt Cheesecake during MCO. The seven-inch cakes are baked fresh daily. Order by contacting the numbers below or sending Nippori a message on Instagram.

Price: RM75+

Contact: 011 5992 0381 (Selangor); 011 5992 0379 (KL)

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14. Caketella

Caketella is delivering Burnt Kampung Cheesecake in two size options—seven-inch and nine-inch. The ingredients include smooth Cheese scented with French vanilla and kampung eggs. You can order by contacting the number or the order link provided below.

Price: RM100+ (seven-inch); RM160+ (nine-inch)

Contact: 016 2456 580

Order: Here

Website | Facebook | Instagram

15. CakeRush

CakeRush is an online cake delivery company that delivers mainly to Klang Valley; operated by the team behind online florist Flower Chimp. You will be able to get a plethora of burnt cheesecakes on the site. For orders before 2pm, CakeRush provides same-day deliveries.

Contact: 03 3099 4380

Order: Here

Website | Facebook | Instagram

16. Wizards at Tribeca

For something a little different than usual, the cafe is serving Pandan Burnt Cheesecake. Decorated with coconut whipped cream and gula melaka meringue, the burnt cheesecake is infused with local screwpine leaves.

Price: RM18 per slice

Contact: 03 2715 5308

Order: Here

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It’s okay to get a little cheesy at home—especially during trying times such as the COVID-19 pandemic. We all find our own ways to cope with the Conditional Movement Control Order and self-isolation. Feasting on delicious burnt cheesecakes is definitely one of the best rewards for practising social distancing and staying at home.

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