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Royce’s 2023 Chinese New Year collection is perfect for gifting chocoholics

Better (choco)late than never


By Natalie Khoo

Royce’s 2023 Chinese New Year collection is perfect for gifting chocoholics

Besides donning our best festive ‘fits and gathering for reunion meals, one of the highlights of Chinese New Year is blessing others with thoughtful gifts. To celebrate this time-honoured tradition, Japanese chocolatier Royce’ presents a mouth-watering selection of premium chocolate gift boxes for the Year of the Rabbit

The Royce’ 2023 Chinese New Year collection comprises a wide variety of limited edition gift sets in varying sizes to meet different preferences. Each gift box comes elegantly wrapped in fortune-bearing colours of red and gold, complete with beautiful floral motifs that represent good luck, prosperity and wealth for the coming year. 

Whether you’re shopping for your family, relatives, colleagues or friends, the limited edition treats below will surely bring joy to your giftees. Plus, they make delicious snacks to add to your home for when your loved ones come over to visit during this meaningful period!


CNY Red Collection (RM248)

Loyal fans of Royce’ and chocolate purists will enjoy the Red Collection, which houses 10 varieties and 78 pieces of popular Royce confections including four types of Pure Chocolate, Baton Cookies, and more. The assortment comes carefully packaged in New Year wrapping paper featuring plum blossoms and a Mizuhiki knot symbolising love, affection and friendship.



CNY Chocolate selection (RM148)

For those who enjoy chocolate in different forms, this gift box is curated just for you! It contains 11 varieties and 31 pieces of chocolate treats that represent fortune and happiness, including limited-edition specials like Popcorn Chocolate, Potechi Crunch, Jagaimo Chocolate and Chocolate Wafers. 



CNY Variety Pack (RM88) 

The CNY Variety Pack offers an abundant treasure trove of Royce’ delights, wrapped beautifully in lucky red and gold paper. There are 27 pieces inside, including berry-sweet specials like Prafeuille Chocolat Berry Cube and Strawberry Cream Chocolate Wafers. 



Nama Oolong Tea (RM52)

This new limited edition Nama Oolong Tea flavour promises to delight fans of both chocolate and tea. Each white chocolate block is infused with the floral aroma of Oolong tea and a hint of gin (yes, it contains liquor), with a dusting of Japanese Oolong tea chocolate powder on top to leave a refreshing aftertaste. 



Nama Kir Royal

Inspired by the popular Kir Royal (the same cocktail featured in the latest season of Emily in Paris), the Nama Kir Royal makes a timely comeback for Chinese New Year! It contains a luxurious blend of Champagne and Crème de Cassis (a blackcurrant liqueur), featuring creamy, rich chocolate flavours made from fresh Hokkaido cream and underlying fruity notes of blackcurrant. 



Other all-time favourite Royce’ treats are also available in exclusive Chinese New Year editions, such as the CNY Nutty Bar Chocolate (RM78), CNY Pure Chocolate Sweet & Milk (RM52),  CNY Baton Cookies Hazel Cacao (RM52), and CNY Potatochip Chocolate (RM52).

Shop the 2023 Royce’ Chinese New Year Collection at all Royce’ boutiques nationwide and online from 1 January 2023 to 5 February 2023.


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