Why to shop vintage and where to do it in Paris

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By Pravin Nair

Why to shop vintage and where to do it in Paris

Spring is in full bloom, and the summer holidays are already creeping around the corner. You’re probably thinking of packing up and going away for a vacation and stores to shop at while you’re resting and relaxing. The thrill of walking into a Dior store in Paris to pick up a new bag or copping a pair of Prada heels in Milan sounds absolutely divine.

But do you really feel like blowing all your hard-earned money on a single shopping trip? The key to mindful spending, really, is all about balance. One great way is to hunt down designer items in a curated vintage store. In an age where fast-fashion retailers are taking over the market by jumping on trends and mass-producing garments at an exponential rate, the need to shop consciously has become a fervent topic of discussion as of late. The state of the climate and the inevitable sense of doom around the heating planet has urged people to be more conscious of how they consume items. Below, we list a few reasons why we advocate shopping vintage.

For starters, thrifting helps reduce the large amounts of carbon and greenhouse gases that are emitted each year by the fashion industry. In a study conducted by Green Story for the online second-hand retailer thredUp, it is found that purchasing a second-hand dress and a handbag saves up to 21.4 pounds and 267 pounds of greenhouse gasses, respectively.

Another great reason to thrift and shop vintage is that it encourages a circular economy. To shed some light on this, we look back to the interview we did with the consignment thrift store Looop. Second-hand shopping and thrifting slow down wastage and allows garments and accessories to find a new home.

While there are really great places to thrift here in Kuala Lumpur, we’d like to recommend several spots across Paris—the Mecca of fashion—for your next trip to the City of Lights. So strap up your boots and pack your bags—here’s a list of vintage designer thrift spaces for you to check out so you can shop, drop and potentially grow your collection of designer goods.


Come on Eileen


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Selling vintage coats, trousers, bags, shirts, skirts, and everything else you can think of from brands like Balmain, Courreges, Saint Laurent, Miu Miu and Isabel Marant, Come on Eileen is by far the Holy Grail for vintage pieces. Head’s up; a little digging and patience are recommended before you finally end up scoring for some really coveted pieces.

Find the store at 40 Rue De Rivoli.


Twice Vintage Studio

Minimal, elegant and crafted with a touch of androgyny, Twice Vintage Studio is a Parisian-based vintage store founded by an Italian designer. With the intention of merging vintage pieces with a modern wardrobe, Twice Vintage Studio also upcycles pieces by including fresh silhouettes and materials with existing garments.

Find out where its next pop-up is going to be here.


Rouge Neon


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Sourcing items from various locations across continental Europe, Rouge Neon takes it a step further by also repairing, cleaning, and retouching pieces so they look brand new. Operating across pop-up booths and their online store, consider snagging that Prada blazer or Versace blouse today.

Find more info here or check out its latest pop-up locations on Instagram.


Marie Olive


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Like Rouge Neon, Marie Olive also upholds a stringent manner of function when it comes to curating and selling vintage designer pieces. Having collected designer pieces from brands like Alaia, Saint Laurent and Lanvin, dating back all the way to the ’60s, each piece is cleaned and refreshed before it is sold to the public.

Find out more info here and on Instagram 




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Alongside selling vintage designer clothes from brands like Moschino and Versace, Patchwork also carries vintage pieces from the ’70s through the ’90s. Channel your inner Nancy Sinatra or unlock your ’90s Kate Moss by digging through what Patchwork has to offer!

Find Patchwork at 16 Rue de la Corderie and online here.




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At Pristini, rest assured that you’re only going to be finding the best designer goods from the most sought-after brands in fashion. Vintage Blumarine, Versace and Gucci are lined up alongside Pristini’s very own collections.

Find Pristini at 16 Rue de la Corderie.


A.P.C Vintage


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Love A.P.C? Here’s a wallet-friendly solution to shop the brand. Introduced in 2022, APC Vintage sells womenswear, menswear and accessories from the brand at heavily discounted prices.

Visit the store at 33 Rue Notre Dame de Nazareth.


At Dawn


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Right across the street from A.P.C Vintage is At Dawn, a curated vintage designer store carrying current and vintage pieces from the likes of Margiela, Acne Studios and Dries Van Noten. Head on over after your visit at A.P.C and browse through some fashion cult favourites.

Find At Dawn at 60 Rue Volta.


Thanx God I’m a V.I.P

Split across two stores for womenswear and menswear pieces, Thanx God I’m a V.I.P is a must-see when in Paris. Selling curated pieces from Dior, Thierry Mugler, Ralph Lauren, Bottega Veneta and some ’90s Gucci, stop by this TikTok-approved vintage shopping spot. There’s even a café in the store for some much-needed caffeine fix while you shop.

Visit Thanx God I’m a VIP at 2 Rue de Lancry.


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