Social distancing fashion: Trends we predict will be a hit in the New Normal


By Stephanie Boey

Social distancing fashion: Trends we predict will be a hit in the New Normal

Just as we predicted, social distancing will remain a thing, and perhaps even long after to prevent further transmission of COVID-19. With major fashion weeks moving to the digital realm, face masks and face shields becoming fashion statements, how else will the pandemic affect our fashion choices? Below are some predictions on how we will be dressing in the New Normal.

Creative face masks

This one’s a given. Heading outdoors will require facial protection at all times, specifically to shield your nose and mouth from the virus. I Love Pretty’s bejewelled and charmed mouth piece is an ultra-progressive take.

Face-shielding veils

When in doubt, layering up has always been a key fashion rule, and we foresee this translating in additional protective measures. Veils add another layer of protection, while making a strong fashion statement.

Face-covering sunglasses

If a veil is too much, perhaps you may want to opt for large sunglasses as a protective shield instead. Sunglasses prevent hands from direct contact with your eyes, and the key rationale here being as a deterrent to touch your face.

Space-taking silhouettes

Here’s a way to enforce personal boundaries while making it look good. If strangers have to physically move out of your way, chances are you’re doing it right.

Wide brimmed hats

This accessory has a similar concept as the space-taking OOTD, but on a lesser scale. Take up space with large hats that enforce personal boundaries, and that also protect your face.

Extra large accessories

Adding on to silhouettes and hats are accessories that are so big, strangers will think twice about coming too close. Earrings that extend past the frame of your face, neck-protecting chokers, and OTT headdresses will do just the trick.

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