Summer vibes on printed scarves by Julien Calot for Longchamp

Vibrant silks


By Buro247

Summer vibes on printed scarves by Julien Calot for Longchamp

“I approached these silk scarves as if they were canvas paintings. They need to tell a story.”

The vibrancy of summer is beautifully captured through the exuberant artwork of 35-year-old Julien Calot that adorn the silk scarves of Longchamp’s Spring 2017 collection.


The multi-talented French native dabbles in painting, writing and music while also holding the title of Creative Director at a Parisian advertising agency. The proficiency of his craft cloaks the fact that Calot is a self-taught artist and the complexity of his work exposes his skills as a narrator.



Within labyrinths of dynamic strokes and marks, Calot creates stories that come alive. His sharp curves, basic forms, vivid colours, medley of bodies and faces stem from a lyrical world influenced by Free Figuration, modern painting, tribal art and hallmarks of surf culture. His collaboration with Longchamp for this scarf collection paints an energetic picture of summer days.


La Route de l’Eté

It’s summertime. Along the pathway down to the beach we hear the wind rustling through the pine trees and the birds chirping. The pine needles crackle under our feet. The path is lined with wild owers. Behind the dune shimmering in the scorching sun, we can sense the distant rumble of the ocean… 

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La Ville dans la Nuit

…Eventually, night falls. The sky lights up and under the stars, we quietly return to the illuminated city in the distance. The breeze is light, the air sweet. Myriads of lights and constellations. It is time to celebrate and dream. 

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