\"How to be Parisian\" as told by an English girl

"How to be Parisian" as told by an English girl

The myth is true

Face of Longchamp, style icon and all round 'It Girl', Alexa Chung spills secrets on nailing that quintessential Parisian charm in two new mini-films

There is this quality possessed by Parisian women that the world covets. They call it je ne sais quoi—an intangible essence that cannot be easily named. As she motions towards a display of rosy blooms, Alexa draws a few parallels to the Parisian woman:

"She's very, very pretty but she's not perfect; she's real."

"How to be Parisian" as told by an English girl (фото 1)


In the two new mini-films from Longchamp, 'J'aime Paris' and 'La Parisienne', the beautiful city of Paris plays backdrop to candid quips by Alexa. The light-hearted and humorous tone reflects the tongue-in-cheek persona of the films' director, Loïc Prigent, a journalist and fashion documentary maker whose witty tweets from the front row add to the fanfare of Paris Fashion Week.


"How to be Parisian" as told by an English girl (фото 2)


Revealing that she has often been mistaken for a local in the French capital, Alexa admits she finds it flattering. "Alexa is a master of the applied art that I call Parisiannité. She does exactly what she wants, she is fiercely independent, always curious, always perceptive and - frankly - a bundle of laughs," comments Prigent on the always effervescent Brit. 


So ladies, watch the mini-films below, take notes, and let your inner Parisian shine.




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