Spending the summer in Paris with these Hermès accessories


By Cai Mei Khoo

Spending the summer in Paris with these Hermès accessories

This past summer in Paris saw a few unusually warm days, a major contrast to the big chill earlier in February during Paris Fashion Week which saw editors and street style stars alike wrapped up in the thickest of coats, and where guests to the Hermès show found blankets thoughtfully laid out on their seats in the semi-open air venue. With the mercury hitting mid-twenty degree Celsius this time around though, I kept things simple in a crisp, white tee (Arket does a really comfy heavyweight cotton stretch tee), with a denim jacket thrown over when things got a bit cooler.


To amplify my look, I opted for pops of colour with a variety of silk and leather accessories from Hermès. This season, the iconic Collier de Chien comes in Barenia leather with a multicoloured Cavale band, which lent a more casual, if slightly boho feel to the bracelet, a departure from the usual full leather options. Another personal favourite has to be the silk scarves and Twillys. The versatility of each piece, and the multitude of ways in which they can be worn (there’s also an app you can download, complete with silk tying tutorials) made it a breeze to change up a look. I braided different coloured Twillys and wore them on my wrist, and twisted a maxi Twilly to wear as a turban-style headband, perfect for windy days when my bangs wouldn’t sit still.



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Having had the rare opportunity to visit the Emile Hermès private collection that sits above the brand’s flagship store on Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, I had newfound appreciation for all things equestrian that has inspired the designs at Hermès since day one. “We always remember that the horse was Hermès’s first customer, and it is important for us to pay homage to our first customer,” Menehould de Bazelaire du Chatel, artistic director of the cultural patrimony of Hermès told me. Horse bits continue to enhance new season leather bracelets, as seen in the Mors bracelet, as well as the Carnaby pendant and earrings that feature little dangling extras, in actual fact, additions to the actual horse bit, particularly useful for nervous horses, as de Bazelaire shared, so they had something to chew to relax the jaw.


An evergreen accessory, the enamel hinged bracelet are easily stackable—I mixed plain ones with printed versions in different thickness, preferring these to the Clic H bracelet for something a little less conspicuous. However you choose to accessorise, whether with silk, leather, metal or enamel, these pieces instantly add interest to a look to make it truly your own.


My summer in Paris in pictures:

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