8 Spring/Summer 2019 fashion campaigns so beautiful they’re rightfully works of art


By Stephanie Boey

8 Spring/Summer 2019 fashion campaigns so beautiful they’re rightfully works of art

Bottega Veneta

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Following the lead of the freshly minted creative director Daniel Lee, the Italian brand gets a breath of fresh air. The arising era depicts a refreshing palate cleanser and the Spring/Summer 2019 campaign marks the first under Lee’s creative direction. Photographed by Tyrone LeBon, the series of photographs were influenced by Italian neoralist cinema, each frame illustrating a different character and persona. Simple, timeless classics are styled with a sharp eye and wit for a string of visual contradictions. A leather trench paired with nude pumps and nothing underneath, a tailored black suit worn barefoot and a white ribbed tank top paired with leather culottes for the new generation of Bottega Veneta fans.



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Florence Welch fronts the latest jewellery campaign with a bohemian-themed mood that rings true to her personal style. Set in a retro style wooden wagon overflowing with trinkets and rich furnishings, we can fully imagine her as a nomadic style maven who collects her treasures along her travels. Gilded jewels worn layered and multiple statement rings worn on a single hand, the campaign provides a clear inspiration to maximalist dressers everywhere.

Atelier Swarovski

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You may already know the new global brand ambassador, internationally acclaimed actress Penélope Cruz. A proud philanthropist, her values align with the brand’s commitment to conscious luxury and you’ll be pleased to know that the latest collections use gemstones and crystals that are responsibly sourced. The Spanish beauty is decked in the Fine Jewellery and MoonSun collection which are inspired by Old Hollywood glamour and the celestial cosmos so you can shop what she’s wearing with a clean conscience.



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Humberto Leon and Carol Lim reached out to their mutual hero David LaChapelle to create a colourful fashion utopia. Although photographed on a closed set at LaCheppelle’s studio in Los Angeles, the creative genius transformed it into a surreal paradise. Lush outdoor scenes and urban streetscapes form ‘Kenzotopia’. The energy is fun as it is infectious and brings an instant cheer to the viewer. The icing on the cake on this mesmerising campaign would have to be Leon’s mother Wendy making a cameo. ‘Bringing your mother to work’ day has its perks!


Jimmy Choo

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Fashion’s current It Girl Kaia Gerber gets photographed by legend Steven Meisel for Spring/Summer 2019. Considering Gerber’s spitting image to her famous mother, we can imagine that it might have been a déjà vu moment for Meisel as he’s also had the pleasure of working with Cindy Crawford back in the ‘90s. Natural and effortless beauty definitely runs in the family, the young model is a natural in front of the camera. Look at the photos close enough and you’ll notice another trait passed on from mother to daughter: a familiar beauty mark below her lower lip.


Michael Michael Kors

Bella Hadid perfectly poses to the beat in this energetic and dynamic video campaign. The vibe and music perfectly illustrates the brand’s inspiration for the season: speed, energy and optimism. All three qualities makeup the ideal 21st century digitally savvy girl, and with that comes a new silhouette. The new Cece bag makes her debut—structured with a curved flap closure fitted with a trunk-inspired pinch lock and a detachable chain-link strap providing function and versatility. (If you’re wondering why the soundtrack to the video sounds familiar, it’s probably because you’ve heard in when it was first released in 2004 and the catchy tune has been stuck in your noggin since. It’s Nina Sky’s ‘Move Ya Body’ and you’re welcome.)


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Known for her playful images, Fumiko Imano plays a dual role in Loewe’s latest campaign as photographer and supporting role to supermodel, actress and activist Amber Valetta. Make that a triple role as Imano also has a fictional twin in the photos. Armed with a Hasselblad camera, pins, scissors and threads, Imano plays the couturier and photographer, while Valetta stands centred as the muse resulting in a simple but striking set of visuals with a hint of humour.


Calvin Klein Underwear

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Being photographed in nothing but Calvin Klein underwear has become synonymous with coming-of-age and reaching sex status symbol. The image of Mark Wahlberg, Nick Jonas and Justin Bieber posing in their tighty-whities forever ingrained in our brains. The next wave of young Hollywood gets its turn with Noah Centineo and Shawn Mendes (and almost breaking the internet in the process). Swipe for your viewing pleasure but keep your hands where we can see them, tysm.

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