7 Hilarious fashion meme makers to follow on Instagram

7 Hilarious fashion meme makers to follow on Instagram

Influence by humour

Text: Stephanie Boey

Image: @siduations
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A glance at the funniest fashion Instagram artists that are going viral

The outlet for self-expression in the golden age of social media is now a digital canvas. With recent roll-outs of IGTV and video chat, it seems that Instagram is where it's at. For an artist, this is the beginning of a new era in which accessing thousands of eyeballs (without the need of a stand-alone show in a gallery or resorting to guerilla style graffiti) is a closer reality.

With the recent wave of fashion memes and call-outs from the likes of @diet_prada (clocking in at more than a half a million followers to date), there's been an insurgence of creatives putting their thoughts and ideas on the photo-sharing app. Below are five of our favourite digital artists that cheer up our Instagram feed with their punny collages and mash ups with their wicked sense of wit, proving that fashion can truly have a sense of humour.

If you've ever seen a look on the catwalk and thought, "But where would I wear that?",  you need Sidney Prawatyotin's superimposed creations in your life.  The hyperrealistic situations by @siduations will definitely grant you a chuckle (or two) during that after-lunch 4PM slump.

It appears that twisting iconic logos and typography, then spinning it on its head is the Instagram artist's specialty. The Fendi and Fila mashup caught the eye of Silvia Venturini Fendi, which sparked a collaboration to produce more logocentric motifs for the Italian fashion house's Autumn/Winter 2018 season, which we've had the pleasure seeing up close and personal.

Seeing Professor Dumbledore, Professor Snape and Neville Longbottom strictly in Dior looks from head-to-toe is truly *magical*. The account reimagines looks from deep within the archive and current seasons from the womenswear and menswear line on characters from the Harry Potter universe—gotta love the word play in the handle, too.


Scottish artist and blogger, Portis Wasp brings back the magic of Disney and ties it with current menswear fashion. Think old-time classics like Peter Pan, Snow White and Bambi overlayed with pop culture references.

Based in London, Freddie Smithson is the king of making minute connections and geniusly illustrating it with Photoshop. On the ball and quick to the beat with puns accompanied by equally amusing imagery, it's easy to see why this account is worthy of a follow from Rihanna a.k.a. the Queen of the Met Gala.


Artist Maria Sheila Miani's Instagram bio reads, "24 years old and still playing with Legos". Maria translates her love for the yellow building block into recreated magazine covers and fashion campaigns using Lego characters, complete with pronged figurine hands. What's incredible is the careful attention to detail, be it a stray strand of hair and body placement. A must-follow for the inner child at heart.


Streetwear meets classical art in this transcendent vision of old meets new. Trending threads and accessories are cleverly and seamlessly inserted into classic works of art ranging as far back as the Renaissance period. Seeing Ghirlandaio's "Portrait of a Young Man" from the 15th century wearing Louis Vuitton x Supreme makes quite the spectacle.

Which fashion Instagram artist made you laugh at loud?