Loewe showcases its leather expertise with statement-making stitches

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By Wei Yeen Loh

Loewe showcases its leather expertise with statement-making stitches

When it comes to the accessories game, Spanish luxury brand Loewe’s leather craftsmanship and technical expertise knows no boundaries—as proven by its head-turning range of bags and leather goods. Whether it is creating a bag from leftover leather (the Elephant bag is too cute for words), or deconstructing one to allow for a two- or three-dimensional form (the Hammock bag can be worn six ways!), you can always expect a dash of ingenuity with Loewe’s bags. Not to mention, a street style certified status thanks to a cult following made of It-girls and editors—we’re talking about the Puzzle bag, in case you were wondering.


But when it comes to leather workmanship, the house is flexing its guns this season with a striking touch to its existing range of accessories. Using bold braiding needlework through seams and panels of bags, Loewe’s Modern Craft is exemplified by way of this obvious cross-stitch detailing. Below, watch how the lacing technique is demonstrated on a Hammock bag by an artisan of the house:

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Loewe’s Lace collection is now available in the Pavilion store—check out our favourites here:

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