Now at the Loewe Gran Via store: Ouka Leele’s ‘Hairdresser’ series

Now at the Loewe Gran Via store: Ouka Leele’s ‘Hairdresser’ series

Fashion x art

Text: Su Fen Tan

Loewe presents an exhibition devoted to the work of Ouka Leele at its oldest existing store in the world

Although Spanish photographer Ouka Leele originally wanted to be a painter, she eventually trained to be behind the lens, specialising in black and white photography. But somewhere along the way, she came up with her now-signature style that combines the two—a surrealist technique of overpainting black-and-white photographs with bold, vivid watercolours. Leele was a key figure in her country's 'Movida' movement in the 1980s, where her work reflected the eclectic spirit of the countercultural movement.


From now till 26 February 2017, you'll be able to view Leele's 'Peluquería' (Hairdresser) series at the Loewe store in Gran Via, which is also the brand's oldest existing store in the world. 19 images from the collection will be on display at the lower level gallery, juxtaposed against matte black walls and highlighted by precise spot lighting. Some of the images were used as prints in Loewe's most recent collections, and a selection of these items will be available for purchase at the store during the exhibition. So if you're making your way to Madrid anytime soon, be sure to drop by for a cool dose of surrealist art.


Take a look at some of the images from Ouka Leele's 'Peluquería' series here:

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