PFW SS16: Sacai

Innovative silhouettes


By Su Fen Tan

PFW SS16: Sacai

Playing around with ideas inspired by the quaint charm of thrift shop ‘throw-away’ finds, Sacai’s Chitose Abe put together an eclectic collection that looks like it has been disassembled, remixed then reassembled—a refreshing take on the modern boho trend.


Exquisite textures, layering tricks and spliced designs paved the way for complex, innovative silhouettes that were most definitely unique—the couture-like femininity of lace gave a delicate lingerie effect, worn under bandana printed dress silhouettes, while stripes inspired by a vintage Peruvian rug were interwoven with pleats, lace, and cut-out detailing.


The navy and yellow or gold ensembles that closed the show created a powerful, regal imagery that seems to say: “Go bold or go home”, a fitting epilogue to the memorable collection.

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