PFW SS16: Loewe

Man-made marvels


By Buro247

PFW SS16: Loewe

Nobody will ever be in comfortable in plastic pants. I shudder to think of how warm and then inevitably, how moist everything below the waist will get. But juxtaposed against the challenging and impractical items Jonathan Anderson sends down the Loewe runway, there were plenty of pieces that begged to be touched, that wanted to be worn, that demanded to be brought home. Anderson straddles the line between function and form perfectly: this season saw him combine what he described as “natural with man-made, organic with electric.

Tinsel, mirror shards and plastic were bolts of ingenuity against the sumptuous leathers and suedes Loewe is known for. You’ll never have guessed that you needed (or even wanted) a Puzzle bag in plastic but part of Anderson’s magic is taking what we think of as weird and turning it into something rather wonderful. One gorgeous plastic item you won’t have to worry about disposing of responsibly.

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