Paris Fashion Week AW16: Highlights of Day 9

A befitting spectacle


By Wei Yeen Loh

Paris Fashion Week AW16: Highlights of Day 9

To say that Louis Vuitton started day 9 of Paris Fashion Week AW16 with finesse and enough élan to keep people talking about it days later is perhaps an understatement. The setting itself was already a surefire conversation starter even before the show began—guests were seated midst 57 columns made with 200,000 pieces of shattered mirrors, all hand-fixed and inspired by Nicolas Ghesquière’s idea of a “digital heroine”. Naturally, that sentiment was reflected (pun intended) on the collection. 

A couple of details we noted and are fawning over: those sleeveless jackets with molded hips that truly delivered a sensual element while looking futuristic to boot, tricoloured sporty sweaters and jackets, rocking cool combat boots, and leather harnesses strapped around the chest over ethereal silk dresses—oh how we love that juxtaposition. We can go on and on, but it’s safe to say that Ghesquière did an excellent job in creating a remarkably edgy collection that people (or those who can afford Louis Vuitton) would want to wear.

Later on, Miuccia Prada closed Paris Fashion Week AW16 with a lineup of retro-slinging jackets and maxi skirts that harkened back to the 1950s. It was less ugly/pretty and more redefined extravagance. The first few looks had denim infused everything, from a head-to-toe jacket-and-skirt ensemble to a very charming trench coat; later on transitioning to coats of tweed, luxe furs and opulent velvet brocade that were heirloom-worthy as they were touch-worthy. Albeit some pairings evoking archaic styles of yore (a certain buttery yelow cropped cardigan paired with long floral brocade skirt), the creative director made up for it with elegant taffeta evening dresses worthy of an 80s ball. One thing’s for sure: Miuccia Prada certainly knows how to keep us on our toes.

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