Paris Fashion Week AW16: Highlights of Day 2

Decadence beckons


By Wei Yeen Loh

Paris Fashion Week AW16: Highlights of Day 2

Day 2 of Paris Fashion Week AW16 kept up with the pace of fashion month, with designs that gave us plenty to talk about and leer at lovingly. Dries Van Noten presented a rocking cool collection that had genderfluid silhoeuttes—we’re talking masculine tailoring by way of jackets and overcoats coupled with the slicked-back hairdos, yet that panache was contrasted with luxe materials (faux fur at least) in jewel tones and a smattering of animal prints. Never one to fail at delivering the most meticulously-crafted and decadent clothes, Van Noten also had “broken” pearls as a recurring motif throughout the collection—one that caught our eyes was a pearl-embroidered dress that evoked a timeless sentiment.

Elsewhere, Maison Margiela had John Galliano’s signature all over: A complex amalgamation of textures and colours layered and mismatched together, channeling dissonance to a whol new level. Only in John Galliano’s books can you find a sheer flounced tunic worn over plaid on plaid or an iridescent chiffon dress paired with a hooded cloak. It was an otherwordly spectacle that some might wax lyrical over for its creativity, although not so much for its real-world functionality.

On the other hand, Christophe Lemaire and Sarah-Linh Tran eschewed all the unnecessary frills as per the brand’s trademark, giving us utilitarian overcoats, sweaters and blazers injected with a buoyant spirit. One noteworthy element of the collection was the 70s-inspired trousers in eye-catching hues from vivid red to a rich saffron—we wouldn’t be surprised if this staple made its way to the closets of Parisian women rather quickly. But to our dismay, mutton sleeves made its way to the collection (in a waffle-knit sweater.) We would’ve been more outraged if not for the utterly chic velvet trousers from that look.


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