New York Fashion Week AW17: Highlights of Day 8

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By Buro247

New York Fashion Week AW17: Highlights of Day 8

‘Hip-Hop Evolution’ are the three words that entitle a 4-part documentary, which was cited as Marc Jacob’s inspiration before the day of his show arrived. So, when guests walked into Park Avenue Armoury expecting the usual extravaganza of a Marc Jacobs show set, surprise was an understatement. A barren space the size of a football field featured nothing resembling a runway, save the space between two raw rows of foldaway chairs running along its length.


The surprises didn’t stop there—models walked to only the music of their stomping heels and despite the FROW-only seating, the procession made it onto not a single Instagram Story, thanks to the photography ban. 

Rising to expectations however was the diverse cast that walked the show. Inspirational beauty, Winnie Harlow; Brit girl of the moment, Adwoa Aboah; the doll-faced Lily Nova; and Korean breakout star, EZ; were among inclusive lineup. 


Jacobs paid homage to his roots that burrow deep into the Big Apple with a discourse on the influence of hip hop as a “poignant and pivotal cultural movement that reshaped and redefined the landscape of music, which gave way to a whole new language of style.”

Gigantic hats with extended crowns were arguably the most exaggerated part of the otherwise retro but largely wearble collection. Seventies-skewed references to hip-hop styles came in plush fur coats over tiny slip dresses, checks interpreted as argyle jumpers and ‘Clueless’ plaid, and flared bottoms over platform shoes that elongated otherwise frumpy tracksuits and corduroy getups.


Some applauded the brazen bravado of Jacob’s move to rehash the hip-hop conversation following last season’s candy-coloured dreadlock debacle, but to most, this was an unspoken acknowledgement of error.

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One final shock lay beyond the exit. After walking the show, models stayed in character and posed in front giant speakers out on Park Avenue. And as each guest walked through the doors into a bustling Manhattan, phones were whipped out and for that short moment, it was the editors who ended up being the subject of social media ballyhoo.

They (the editors) then took to Instagram to record the irony. The tables were not turned.


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