Arm candy of the week: Salvatore Ferragamo’s Boxyz bag


By Joan Kong

Arm candy of the week: Salvatore Ferragamo’s Boxyz bag

You may have spotted the new bag on Salvatore Ferragamo‘s Autumn/Winter 2019 runway back in February (where Neelofa rubbed shoulders with the cast of Stranger Things on the #FROW), and now, the structured piece, dubbed the Boxyz, is finally in stores. In a statement released by the brand, Creative Director Paul Andrew said, “Selecting a handbag that will be with you every day is an intensely personal choice. So, when I set out to create a bag worthy of carrying the most essential and cherished items in a modern woman’s life—as well as becoming one of those items—I started by asking the many important women in my life what they care about most in a bag. Every response was as different and diverse as the women who shared them, but there were some common themes; privacy, convenience, strength, beauty and boldness. The Boxyz is designed to answer these needs down the last letter—a portable and precious safe space crafted with Ferragamo’s heritage expertise.”

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While the Boxyz may look like a plain structured bag at first glance, trust us when we say that there’s more than what meets the eye. The brand’s signature details are, of course, incorporated into the design, in the form of a Gancini-shaped top-handle and clasp closure. Aside from that, you can take your pick from the two sizes, 10 colours and four materials available this season, with special printed pieces introduced later on. The small Boxyz is definitely our favourite, but if you’re worried about the roominess of the bag, the two compartments will keep your essentials in place. Last but not least, each piece comes with a unique-to-each-bag lock and key—your belongings can’t be any more secure than this.

Watch the Boxyz bag’s campaign video featuring Aaliyah Hydes, Lina Zhang and Maye Musk below:

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