Killjoys, make some noise (the sequel!): My Chemical Romance is releasing another makeup collection

Killjoys, make some noise (the sequel!): My Chemical Romance is releasing another makeup collection

The future is bulletproof (but my wallet is not)

Text: Redzhanna Jazmin

Break out your hair straighteners and pop your septum ring back in: The boys are back with a new makeup collection and it is the actual dream

The stars have aligned in our favour once more: My Chemical Romance is back with another iconic HipDot collaboration, and this time it's based on their fourth studio album, Danger Days: The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys. Geez—now we wish we hadn't exhausted our best MCR puns on the last drop.

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Unlike the last time this rodeo came to town (and subsequently sold out in two minutes flat), the new collection will not be released through a drop. As explained by the brand through an Instagram caption: "We’re doing things differently this time around to ensure that fans get a chance to reserve their Limited Edition #HIPDOTxMCR 2 Collectors Set. All Collectors Sets will be made-to-order, just for you!"

According to the post, pre-orders will begin from July 22 and will remain open for a full week (until July 29), with orders estimated to ship out between October 31 to December 31. Isn't that neat!

Now, for the juicy part: What's in the collection? We won't keep you in suspense—here are all the goodies you can expect to find in the Limited-Edition HipDot X MCR 2 Collector's Box:

• Limited Edition MCR Mousekat Head Pin
• The Art Is The Weapon Palette: A vibrant nine-pan eyeshadow palette with matte and metallic shades.
• The Better White Liner Duo Set: Comes with a liquid and a kohl liner
• The Better Base White Primer Pot
• The Fabulous Killjoy Lip Kit: Four shades in the kit (one for each of your favourite Killjoys!)

There is some bad news, though. Unfortunately, pre-orders are only available to the following countries: USA, Australia, Canada, UK, Germany, Ireland, and the Netherlands. However, if you happen to have an address in those places (or a very kind friend who is willing to do you a solid), you can order your own set here from July 22nd.

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