The biggest mistake you’re making with your powder foundations


By Redzhanna Jazmin

The biggest mistake you’re making with your powder foundations

Hey, you. You with the powder foundation in-hand. You think you’re being sneaky, but we see you. We see what you’re doing.

That sponge. You’re holding the little sponge that comes with the powder foundation. No, worse—you’re using the sponge. Your face is freshly cleansed and prepped, and you’re about to use the sponge to apply your makeup!

Oh, dear. This won’t do at all. You! Put your hands in the air and slowly drop your compact sponge onto the (sanitised) table. We need to talk.

Here’s a gentle suggestion: Stop using the sponge that comes with your powder foundations for your initial application.

Why? Well, aside from the fact that they are generally more difficult to use than other makeup tools, using the sponge to apply your foundation is more likely to give you an uneven application. Swiping or, more realistically, dragging the little square or the little circular pad across your skin as most compact powders suggest can emphasise unwanted textures.

The solution? Use a brush. Not just any old brush, of course—rather, choose a small, round, and dense brush with shorter brush hairs. The density is key here, with a denser brush offering fuller coverage than a less-dense brush.

BURO’s picks for powder brushes:

You can either stipple on the product, or apply it in circular motions—more realistically, you’ll be alternate between both techniques on different parts of the face. For example, for textured areas that you are trying to smooth, a stippling motion will help to pat down and tame any flakes. If you’re just trying to build coverage and hide pores, a buffing, circular motion will be more beneficial.

So, here’s the conundrum: What do you do with the included sponge, then? Use it for touch-ups throughout the day, of course! That’s right, pick that sponge up off of your spotless vanity table (it’s still clean)—we’re keeping it on standby. This time, however, we’re doing things in a different way.

Instead of dragging it over the skin, try applying your touch-ups with a firm, patting motion or with a pat-and-roll motion. The patting motion will ensure that your base underneath remains undisturbed, while the pat-and-roll motion helps to absorb any excess oil on the face while depositing more product.

The result? Hopefully, a beautiful, radiant finish that comes as close to flawless as makeup possibly can!

BURO’s picks for powder foundations:

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