New Year, New You: Your guide to organising your vanity table

New Year, New You: Your guide to organising your vanity table

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Text: Redzhanna Jazmin

Looking to occupy your time in MCO 2.0? Clear out your vanity and get organised with our 5-step guide.

Well, here we go again. MCO 2.0 is—let's be real—probably here to stay if the current COVID-19 numbers are anything to go by. So, once again, we’ve all found ourselves idle, either working from home or drowning our boredom in the vast void that is the world of K-dramas.

The point is: There’s nothing much left to keep us all entertained, so we might as well do some early spring cleaning. That’s right—there is no time like the present to get those vanities in check, and we’re here to help you through it.

Ahead, find our foolproof 5-step plan to getting your drawers in order!

Step 1: Clear it out

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Bear in mind: This doesn’t mean chuck your whole beauty collection in the bin (that would definitely leave your desk clean, if not rather sad-looking). No, to begin your organisational journey, you must first dismantle your station in its entirety. Clear out each drawer and line up everything that lies within neatly so you can see it plain as day.

Step 2: Wipe it down

Now that we’re all emptied out, it’s time to deploy the wipes and disinfectant across your vanity—never again (or, at least, not for a long while) will your drawer be so empty and rife for a deep clean. Make sure you’re getting every nook and cranny, and thoroughly drying after too.

PSST: Now is a great time to give your makeup brushes and sponges a clean, too. Heck—while you’re at it, why not tackle all your beauty tools all at once?

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Step 3: Tackle the mountain

Are there expired products in your beauty collection? No? Are you sure? If you’re looking for a sign, this is it—throw your manky, mouldy palettes in the bin now. Those expiration guidelines are not just a suggestion!

FYI: Mascaras and eyeliners last around 3 months; foundations, lipsticks and lip liners last around 12 months; cream eyeshadows, bronzers or blushes last up to 18 months; and finally, powdered products and eyeshadows last up to around 2 years.

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Apart from the multitudes of health concerns you may soon suffer from at the hands of your mould- and bacteria-ridden expired beauty products, using an expired moisturiser or foundation is also a surefire way to guarantee breakouts. It’s just not worth it.

Step 4: Group, group, group!

Now that we’ve got a revised version of your makeup collection all lined up, it’s time to sort it accordingly. First, separate your products by how much use they get—you’ll want to have your day-to-day products within accessible reach, so separate them out from the rest of your collection.

Then, work on separating whatever is leftover by category. For example: By lips, cheeks, eyes, face, and skincare. Alternatively, you can group your products by brand—do whatever works best for you. Once that’s dealt with, we can move onto the next step.

Step 5: Get organised

While they aren’t necessary, we find that the best way to get your desk as neat and accessible as possible is to invest in a few beauty organisers. A few transparent, stackable makeup drawers and containers will work wonders in keeping your collection both accessible and visible.


However, in a pinch (or if you’re too lazy to browse for the perfect set), using any old box or tupperware will do. The key here would be to label everything, so that you’ll know exactly which box contains what. Trust us—it saves you a lot of rummaging in the process.

Optional: Keep a travel beauty bag on-hand

If you’re wondering what to do with all the makeup and skincare samples you’re getting with your beauty hauls, we have a suggestion. Instead of chucking them in the back of your vanity to be soon forgotten, put your favourites in a little travel bag for convenience. Just grab and go!

As for our spring(ish) cleaning tips, that pretty much sums it up! Did it work for you?

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